TxBR is an advanced Electron Tomography code able to account for the curvilinear nature of electron trajectories, making it suited for the processing of wide field Electron Microscope data. It also allows performing 3D reconstruction from various schemes of data aquisition, notably any number of tilt series.

The basic principles of this reconstruction scheme were first outlined in the following reference:

Lawrence A, Bouwer JC, Perkins G, Ellisman MH. Transform-based backprojection for volume reconstruction of large format electron microscope tilt series. J. Struct. Biol. 2006;154:144--167.

At this time, TxBR does not provide any tracking capabilities. However, micrographs alignment, filtering and backprojection can be done with minimal user interactions. TxBR offers additional features such as image/reconstruction dewarping and flattening that allow for high-quality montaging and Z-stacking of reconstructions. Wiki information on the scientific basis of the code may be found on the NBCR web site.


If you have limited computer experience, the easiest way to get TxBR 3.0 installed is to use the installer: TxBR 3.0 Installer

Source code

The latest version of the TxBR source code: TxBR-beta-3.0.1.tar.gz

Manual Installation Instructions

For some basic instructions on how to install the source code manually (i.e., without the installer), consult the page Building The TxBR Environment. Read How to run TxBR? for some explanations on using the TxBR code.


Sébastien, sph_AT_ncmir_DOT_ucsd_DOT_edu.

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