SUBJECT: Encrypted UCSD Wireless Required as of November 9, 2009

The UC San Diego wireless (WiFi) network was upgraded recently to
support better coverage, increased speed, enhanced data security via
encryption, and streamlined guest services.  As a result, we now support
the following two wireless networks:

(1) "UCSD-PROTECTED" for all students, faculty, and staff.  This network

provides high speed coverage with encryption that allows access to
protected campus services such as library databases.  Configuring your
computer to use this network requires a one-time setup that installs a
secure certificate on your device.  Detailed instructions are available

(2) "UCSD-GUEST for visitors and guests.  This is an unencrypted

network, similar to those available at Internet Cafés.  It requires a
daily user registration and does not allow access to protected campus
services unless VPN is turned on.


If the device in question isn't compatible with WPA-E encryption, go here to fill out a form requesting access for a legacy device.