Blog from July, 2009 is online

Use your crowd login - you must be a member of the crbs-sysops groups to write to the systems repo. 

Currently the puppet code has been migrated to SVN.  It was checked in at and the CVS repo for puppet should not be used.

If you're interested in using our SVN repository, contact Kennon Kwok at kkwok_at_ncmir_dot_ucsd_dot_edu.

Gliffy Plugin Installed

I've installed the Gliffy plugin, which allows you to create diagrams, flowcharts, floorplans, network diagrams, etc. from within Confluence.  I put a quick, easy example here .  For better examples, see

new cobbler server is online

I've relocated the installation server from my desktop (dev-234) to a production vm (  Cobbler services have been turned off on dev-234.  The iso location has been updated in confluence to

Bamboo Server upgraded

The Bamboo build test server,, has been relocated to an upgraded server at SDSC.  Back on the "old" server, both the bamboo and bamboo-dev services were disabled.

I installed Apache Directory Studio on primarily to allow us to import .ldif files when we are on wireless or at home.  It required X to be operational on the server where it was installed.  I also installed NX for speed.  To run it, execute /usr/local/ApacheDirectoryStudio-linux-x86_64-1.4.0.v20090407/ApacheDirectoryStudio

It's setup to hit production LDAP.  It will prompt you for the password when you try to connect.  Please, DO NOT SAVE THE PASSWORD!

 - Vicky