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Register an account

Step 1. Click on Login/Register


Step 2. Click Register on the pop up window.


Step 3. Fill all the information correctly, and then click Register.


Submit a single antibody

Step 1. Register for an account with the AntibodyRegistry if you do not have one.

Step 2. Log in your account.

Step 3. Click “Add


Step 4. Choose the antibody type that you would like to submit


  • Commercial Antibody – Antibodies are made and distributed by vendors.
  • Personal Antibody – Antibodies are made and distributed by researchers/research groups.


Step 5. Fill in antibody information (note, for commercial antibodies only the direct URL, and the catalog number are required because curators can go to the vendor page and verify information)


Term Definitions:

  • Catalog Number – catalog number exactly as it appears on the vendor web site, for non-commercial antibodies, the target name or other unique identifying information
  • Provider Website – enter the URL where point to the antibody details page, not the vendor main website

            URLs must start with http:// or https:// (copy and paste directly from the browser if possible)


  • Antibody Name – Name of the antibody
  • Raised in Species – Host species of the antibody    
  • Provider name/Institution – vendor name (let this autocomplete with the standard name because this will try to find duplicates) or researcher name/Institution for individual antibody (e.g. YSmith at UCSD)
  • AB target – Target of the antibody (usually name of the protein)
  • Clonality – Clonality of the antibody (e.g. monoclonal or polyclonal)
  • Defining Citation – Pubmed ids of the papers that used this antibody
  • Clone ID – Target clone id of the antibody (e.g. 7D4.2)
  • Product Isotype –  Isotype of the antibody (e.g. IgG, IgM)
  • Product Conjugate – Conjugate of the antibody (e.g. unconjugated antibody)
  • Product Form – Form of the antibody (e.g. liquid)
  • Comments – the recommended application of this antibody

Step 6. Click “Submit Antibody”. A confirmation message including the AB ID will appear.



All antibodies are submitted and will be looked at Approved or Rejected within 3 business days. To check on the status of your antibodies please see instructions below. All antibodies can be edited by the original author/submitter. If significant changes are made to the entries, the curator will contact you using the email you provide when registering for the account. We will not sell your names or use your email for any commercial reasons. 


Submit in bulk

Step 1. Register for an account with Antibody Registry if you do not have one.

Step 2. Log into your account.

Step 3. Click “Add”

Step 4. Click “CSV Upload” and Upload a CSV file of Antibodies.




1.Please read the requirements for the CSV file carefully. And the template of a CSV file is available for download through here:

2. For large file uploads, more than 10,000 antibodies, split the file into several files and upload separately. While the database will handle up to roughly 20,000 antibodies per file, your browser will not display this number of records. To get antibody identifiers back immediately upload smaller files, alternatively you can wait until the files are available via csv download on antibody


Edit your antibodies

Step 1: Log in to your account, and then click “Your name” on the right up corner.

Step 2: Click "Accepted Antibodies" or ”Pending Antibodies” link.



"Pending Antibodies" section includes all the antibodies that have not been curated by the curators.

”Accepted Antibodies” section includes all the antibodies that have been curated and accepted by the curators. These appear in the public antibody registry within one week (data are pushed on Friday nights, but the cut-off for new data is Wednesday so data submitted on Thursdays may take until the following week to appear)

”Rejected Antibodies” section includes all the antibodies that have been curated and rejected by the curators. In cases where antibodies are rejected, curators will give a reason such as duplicate record. If your entries are rejected curators will attempt to contact you via the email you provided as the identifier you generated may need to be updated in your manuscript.



Step 3: Choose the antibody that you would like to edit, click on the icon in the "Edit" column.

Step 4: Make edits in the text field.

Step 5: click "Edit Antibody" to save your edits.

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