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The data from tables can be extracted from a PDF but you will need a PDF converter tool that converts the data from PDF‚Äôs PDF’s into Excel (Word may occasionally be helpful too).  There are many PDF converter tools that extract the data and text from PDF‚ÄôsPDF’s.  The NIF currently uses ‚ÄúJade “Jade PDF Data Capture‚Äù Capture” but this product is a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat 8 and has been discontinued.

Able2Extract PDF Converter 6 ( is an option available online that has been tested by NIF and offers a 7 day free trial. You may find additional options by typing, ‚ÄúPDF converter‚Äù “PDF converter” into your search engine. 


  1. Click on the Excel icon along the top menu bar denoted with an ‚ÄúE‚Äù “E”

After extraction, the data will need to be checked for accuracy as symbols, Greek letters, number of cells each gene occupies, etc., often do not get transferred correctly.