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  • Meeting Minutes 2009 October 14th

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Present: Arno, William, Jeff

Location: CalIT2

We discussed the Browsing interface for the database. There will be a "Study" centered view, a "Subject" centered view and a "Dataset" centered view. When selecting one, there will be different background colors so the user knows where he is. When looking at a subject from instance, users will be able to select the Subject centered view to look at the subject information and the associated datasets, the STUDY centered view that will show the Study and where the subject is in the study in a hierarchical tree. Finally the dataset centered view will show the dataset information and the subject information embeded in it. Programming of this interface will most likely be done in Flex by William. I mentioned that we will probably have one too in Matlab. Arno has checked recently and there are tools for implementing Open-ID from within Matlab (for authentification).
Jeff mentioned that he is almost done with his Matlab code to convert dataset into XML commands to send to the Post-Gress database. Arno has to send them the tutorial Study. William will work on the Browsing interface.