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  • Meeting Minutes 2009 September 25st

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Present: Arnaud, William, Jeff (Nima and Scott for part of the meeting)

DbVizualiser - vizualise any database. Arnaud will need this tool to access the database originally.

Hibernate - Hibernate is a database interfacing tool on top of PostGreSQL, MySQL or Oracle

Data versioning: Once the data is made public, it cannot be modified. New versions of the data have to be issued

EEGLAB structures: covered all the EEG fieds and the "datasetinfo" field of the STUDY structure. Still have to look at the "dipfit" field of the EEG structure and the other fields of the STUDY.

Data files organization in EEGLAB: we looked at the organization of the data files "xx.erspdat", "xx.erpdat", etc...

More information on these structures is available on the EEGLAB wiki