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  • Meeting Minutes 2009 September 21st

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Present: Arno, Jeff, Scott, William, Nima

Scott commented on the push from NIMH to use methods in EEG to gain insight about mechanisms. He also commented on the desire (Obama etc...) not to acquire new data but to use existing large datasets (hence HEAD-IT).

Security: waiting to see if IROD is going to support OpenID. This would make things much simpler

Groups: there are groups in Liferay but they are different from the BIRN database group. Need to find a way to integrate the two.

Data format: some companies (EGI, Don Tucker) would welcome a new binary data format if we come up with one

Jeff started to show the small database he had started. We postponed the meeting because Arno had to go and Jeff had to install Octave to be able to see inside the EEG structure. Next meeting will be Friday 1:30 at SCCN.