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NIF is also working on making RDF (Resource Description Framework) version of the data available to the user. RDF is a World Wide Web Consortium‚Äôs Consortium’s standard for encoding knowledge in to data. More information about RDF and currently available data in RDF format visit


DISCO is an information integration approach designed to facilitate increased interoperation among Internet resources.  DISCO supports interoperation capabilities involving several types of information (resource descriptions, terminologies, data interoperation, news, etc.). Integration of each of these services is accomplished using service-specific DISCO descriptions provided by each resource and linked from a main "disco.xml" file of the resource. Inside this file there is a list of links to other files or scripts that contain specific information to update NIF resource information. More information about DISCO is available at

Concept Map Database and Google Refine

The NIF has been using the Google Refine tool to create concept mappings of individual columns, but the concept mapping tool incorporates, view management, export to google refine, and back-end support services. To find out more please visit this page.