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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
       <contentType>edge</contentType>  <!-- possible values: node, edge-->
                <id>123423-1</id>     <!-- ID in ontoquest db, for fast access -->
                <name>sao471801888</name>   <!-- concept name. In the case of NIF, it is birnlex id or nif ID, e.g. birnlex_123 -->
                <label>Cerebellum Purkinje cell</label>
                   <comment>Principal neuron (projection neuron) of the cerebellar cortex; characterized by a pear shaped cell body, 1-2 primary 
                   dendrites and an elaborate dendritic tree heavily invested with dendritic spines.</comment>
                   <comment>Large branching neurons of the middle layer of cerebellar cortex, characterized by vast arrays of 
                   dendrites; involved in controlling complex movements (CSP).</comment>
                   <synonym>Purkinje's corpuscles</synonym>
                   <synonym>Purkinje Cell</synonym>
                   <synonym>Cerebellar Purkinje neuron</synonym>
                   <synonym>Purkinje neuron</synonym>
             <node>... ...</node>