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  • Meeting Minutes 2009 August 28

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Meeting at Atkinson Hall
Present: Arnaud Delorme, Jeffrey Grethe, William Seto

Security layer
- token based form IROB (x.501)
- publically accessible, public OpenID (google, yahoo)

Programmer for the Swartz Center
- Java graphics
- interface between EEGLAB/Database
- timeplot of google for finance charts
- pull things directly from Matlab
- automated processing of data
- quality control for the database (checking the data integrity itself)
- Matlab webdav
- Java and XML to gain connectivity to the database
Done in Blink (find a similar to edit)

Portal software
* Currently Gridsphere - underlying portal backgroup (public)
- manages user sessions, application, passing information between application
* Will soon switch to Liferay - newer than Gridsphere, java based plus PhP
- manages user sessions
- lots of add on already configured: calendar, ...
- Skins
- passing information between application

For the release of the data by a node
- Freeze the database locally
- will probably copy the data to the central server