Where to get the Collaboration portlets

Option 1. here

Option 2.
    Download from this module tree: BIRN/gridsphere/bluesquid_2_0


  1.  So far portlets have only been tested under the GridSphere portal framework available at http://www.gridsphere using GridSphere version 2.1.5 & 2.2.9
  2. The GridPortlets provide support for credential management using the Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI) and can be obtained from The GridSphere web site at

The srbportlets have been tested with GridPortlets 1.3 and 1.4

How To Install

  1. Unpack the zip file under the GRIDSPHERE_HOME/projects directory
  2. Modify the values of PortletServices.xml under webapp/WEB-INF folder.
  3. Run ant install from GRIDSPHERE_HOME/projects/bluesquid directory.

Please refer to the ChangeLog.txt for features and enhancements.

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