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Important Note

We are not familiar with the details of the data that would be stored and it is your responsibility to determine the suitability or our environment and infrastructure for your needs, as it would be if you were to use Amazon, Google, etc.  We provide secure storage of the data and secure transfer of it to an authorized user and/or device.  Once the data is on the user's resource, e.g. laptop, workstation, USB key, etc., it's security is the responsibility of the user and/or their local IT support team.

CRBS IT Service Features:

  • Setup fee includes:

    • setup of VM, primary data storage and backups for both

    • working with users to make sure they are able to use the new system.

  • Monthly fee includes:

    • Resolution of any future technical issues related to accessing the VM or the data to which it provides access.

    • Hardware and software maintenance

    • User management

      • Creating new users
      • Deleting users
      • Password changes
      • Access restrictions and modifications
    • General security notices

  • Additional data protection through use of a virtual machine, separate from the data storage server, to restrict electronic access to the data.

  • Data storage in a server room with dedicated power, cooling and network, reducing downtime.

  • Option to start with a primary copy only and add backup copy later for an additional monthly fee.


  • For a basic Linux-based Samba, FTP or NFS file server, or a Microsoft Windows VM:

    • 2 hours of consulting services at $141.00/hr to discuss security, authorization/authentication, networking, etc.

    • 10 hours of setup at $91.00/hr, covering

      • setup of a CentOS 7 Linux  or Windows VM with 100GB local storage, 4GB RAM
      • setup of 1TB external NFS mounted primary storage
      • setup of backup of primary storage to a server located elsewhere on campus
  • Initial setup costs = $282.00 + $910.00 = $1,192.00

  • Monthly fees, $435.00/month

    • $145.00/mo. for the VM, including nightly snapshots

    • $290.00/mo. for both a primary and backup copy of up to 1TB external data

Additional Fees

Additional configuration, software installation, etc., including but not limited to implementation of custom access controls may incur additional fees based on our hourly rate of $91.00/hr.  

Any required software licenses are your responsibility and are not included in any of our fees.



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