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Public services

1.  The easiest way to retrieve a JSON formatted list of all public images ids:


that q parameter is just url encoded: ((cil.status:public) && (CIL))

This search query asks for all public images containing the text CIL.  Since CIL is the prefix to our image id it will catch everything.



2.  To retrieve a JSON formatted block of detailed image data for a particular image (in this case 6227) which includes the xml formatted annotation data:




You can use a comma separated list for the ids parameter to retrieve the data for more than one image at a time….but please batch your requests in groups of < 50 so as to be polite to the web service.


The returned JSON fields are:


group_name -- the name (if so associated) of the group this image might be part of

id -- the image id

is_video -- is this image a still image or a video/animation

relative_file_path -- some info needed for raw image data retrieval

file_size -- size of the raw data for the image

name -- file name of the original image file

recommended -- if the annotators believe this image is of eye catching quality

group_featured_image_id  -- if this image is a member of a group of images and that group of images has an annotator defined representative ‘featured image’, this field is the id of that representative featured image.

xml -- the annotation xml data generated by the Annotation Module...contains all ontology ids, image_description, attributions, dimensions etc  This xml is unfortunately not in pretty print format.



3. To retrieve images:


The thumbnail can be retrieved at
4.  Examples:


Internal services

Description: The public data are indexed and cached for more efficient retrieval. But the public service can only allow you to access the public data only. In order to retrieve the non-public data, we need to use the internal (Rest) service. 

  1. To search by keyword(s) and retrieve the image IDs, see
  2. To get the image information by image ID, see



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