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Users of NIF

Array Express (EBI)

  • NIFSTD has been used as a "trusted" ontology in [Experimental Factor Ontology for Array Express (EBI)|].

Johnson and Johnson



NIF Remarks

On NIF Literature, "Its was actually very helpful. Its not as overwhelming as Pubmed, and I was able to find a number of papers that I hadn't seen before and it helped me overcome writers block." (3/2012)

"I like that resources pop up in separate windows: multiple resources can be compared, and I never lost my search results (and therefore my train of thought...)."

"I really like having multiple atlases all in one place."

"I have really only ever worked off of PubMed before and had no idea of all of these sites and databases that would have general information, instead of individual article information.  Allen Bran Atlas is a favorite to have access to now."

"I like that NIF holds a wide variety of information (gene expressions to neuroanatomy) (functions to diseases) (mice to humans)."

"There are a lot of resources in the registry, and the great thing about the NIF is that I can access them from one website "

"I was looking for the "common naming project" by it's former name "shared naming project" because the person who pointed me to it did not know the new name.  I could not find it in google, as I either got too many results that all seemed irrelevant, or no results when I added quotes.  I looked in NIF for shared naming project and the cluster engine showed the link to common naming project at the top of the list.  It was exactly what I was looking for."

"I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts. Thanks for sharing." (3/11/11)

neurosciencenew: @neuinfo Congrats on 1000 followers! Your website is an extremely useful resource for many. (4/6/11)

Nancy said: The American Academy of Neurology is providing a link to your website (as one of the best neurology education web links for patient education and/or resident education) on the Academy site and discussing your website at our upcoming Annual Meeting (April 9, 2011). (4/7/11)

Direct Message from Ramachandran via @neuinfo Twitter account:

Direct Message from Oliver Uvman via @neuinfo Twitter account - Bioinformatics resource - positive feedback on NeuroLex registration form and NIF webinars (8/2012)

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Internet Scout Project

  • ("complex and important website")
  • Since 1994, the Scout Project has focused on developing better tools and services for finding, filtering, and presenting online information and metadata.
  • Publications That Deliver Knowledge: The project's acclaimed reports and resource archive provide educators, students, researchers, and librarians with fast, convenient ways of staying informed about the most valuable online resources. Our most popular publication, the Scout Report, is one of the Web's oldest and most respected current awareness services. Published every Friday since 1994, it is read by more than 250,000 readers every week.
  • Scout is part of the National Science Foundation's National Science Digital Library (NSDL) Project. NSDL aims to be the largest science, technology, engineering and math digital library ever created. For more information about NSDL visit:

Florida Atlantic University

University of Nebraska Medical Center

Dr Puech from DicomWorks (nif-0000-00288)

Quote: "Thanks for the inclusion into the NIF.  It is a very valuable resource for the Software, and, best of all, your website is absolutely awesome!"

from (7/30/10)

Dr Clancy from Translating Time (nif-0000-00533)

"I think you all are doing a wonderful job - this site is a great service! I am very pleased our research is included, and yes, what you have there is ""OK"" with me. We will add a link to NIF on our web page.
Thank you!"

A. J. Trussell, Kansas State University

From Choice Reviews Online (
48-3611  Reference \ Science & TechnologyNeuroscience Information Framework.  Internet Resource. Reviewed in 2011mar CHOICE.[Visited Dec'10] Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF) is an information-rich resource for the neurosciences that offers online data, materials, and tools. The home page features a simple search box, News and Events, and a link to the entire NIF Blog. Front page tabs link to NIF Tools, Vocabularies, Webinars, Community News, Developers, Tutorials, forums, the wiki, and Recommend a Resource. The NIF Tools page reveals links to a wide range of resources. The NIF Registry is a human created and curated database of vetted electronic resources, including databases and software tools, which are also annotated with the NIF vocabularies. The NIF Web is a customized index built from sites within the registry. The NIF Data Federation features data and images not found by general search engines. This unique data depository serves as a model for other Web sites to provide research data. The NIF Literature link provides searchable access to thousands of scholarly articles.
NeuroLex is a wiki-based effort for the NIF community of users to build a strong NIF ontology; it currently features a lexicon of 15,200-plus terms. The Developers link enables access by other Web site developers to data and open standards application tools. The NIF includes a large number of tutorials for using its Web pages and for optimum use of other databases to which NIF links. This site is an outstanding resource, but one area needs improvement-the search results page, which is divided into four sections that can be visually confusing. The main search results appear in a Data Federation box that offers all sorts of data; however, other important categories of results are found within lists in that same box. This review examined version 2.6; version 3.0 is mentioned, but was unavailable for preview. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Upper-level undergraduates through professionals/practitioners. A. J. Trussell, Kansas State University

American Academy of Neurology


Date: April 1, 2011 7:19:57 AM PDT


Subject: [Info] New message from NIF website: Website

Nancy said: The American Academy of Neurology is providing a link to your website (as one of the best neurology education web links for patient education and/or resident education) on the Academy site and discussing your website at our upcoming Annual Meeting (April 9, 2011). 

If you have any concerns, please contact the Academy.

Thank you.

Promotion of NIF Webinar & Inside NIF Blog Post on Cell Image Library homepage (David Orloff - 

Society on Neuroimmune Pharmacology
Where can one go to access a number of resources related to neuroscience? After visiting NIF, that  answer is a “no brainer,”  according to this “Best of the Web” review at Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News. The review gives NIF its top rating of 4 stars, noting the NIF site has no weaknesses and a nice site design and many resources among its strengths.

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