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Release Notes

  • NIF Website: NIF website has a fresh new look. The new release provides easy of use and improved navigation.
    • New tabbed pages for ease of navigation through the information.
    • Improved version of the resource nomination form.
  • NIF Search Portal: We have made some changes to the search interface based on your feedback. Please take a look at it on the NIF internal server, see the URL for internal server above.
    • Whats New:
      • Improved search options with tree based terms selection.
      • AND/OR selection option now more accessible and applies to the query selection.
      • Grants data is available as a new tab with faster loading of grants data.
      • Registry results can be browsed using concepts for easier navigation.
      • New and improved ontological indexing of web results for more relevant web pages for your query.
      • New and improved ontological indexing of databases and registry for more relevant data and registry records for your query.
      • Options in the NIF registry tab to select the number of results to show per page.
      • Improved viewing and navigation of results in the literature tab.
      • Ability to suggest "inappropriate" websites on the NIF web results tab.
      • myNIF functionality: Ability to login using your google accounts and save preferences for selecting species for your gene query.
      • Additional databases available in the data federation tab.
    • Known Issue:
      • Horizontal scroll bar issue on the NIF results not visible completely, we are working on the solution.
      • myNIF: Preference for gene selection for the query is in beta testing.
      • Gene query ( eg. gene:snca) has a bug, when you change a gene preference for a given gene query you have to change/re-enter the text in the search text box for the query to work.
      • A lot of spurious results are returned because of abbreviations that get included in the search box with synonyms. Try removing them from the search box to narrow your results.
  • Web Services: We are dedicated to providing open access to data and tools for the community. For the web users, there is a web portal for searching Neurosciences resources and information using simple yet very powerful concept based searching user interface. For the developers, we have published data access and tools using open standard based application programming interfaces that can be used by the developers to access and use programmatically. More information about NIF services is available at the Developers Page.
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