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  • [NIF-1397] - replace this 0 age with "Not reported" in neuromorpho view
  • [NIF-4937] - "of" in search terms expands to "(("Office of research facilities development and operations" OR ORFDO OR OF))"


  • [NIF-1020] - Geography-based searches
  • [NIF-5191] - Need to atomize the LDA pipeline into components


  • [NIF-5081] - NeuroLex SPARQL end point - Fix needed

New Feature Request

  • [NIF-1289] - Cacheing of thumbnails if none present...
  • [NIF-3254] - Need a filter for the Database federation results



  • [NIF-3822] - Allow indexing of XML data
  • [NIF-4096] - link icons don't line up nicely in IE as they do with Mozilla Firefox.
  • [NIF-5451] - MySQL doesn't return proper type for TEXT column
  • [NIF-5453] - BAMS Connection Failures
  • [NIF-5474] - JTDS Driver Failures...
  • [NIF-5477] - Rats RGD doesn't index any data...
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