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Release Notes:

  • New Feature: Users can customize their selection of the columns they want from the database results to export to excel.
  • New Feature: Users can plot the a single Brain Activation Foci or a list of Focis from the search result on to Brain using Web Caret Web Tool.
  • New Feature: Users can now right click on the pop up for more description and get information about the highlighted terms.
  • New Feature: Users can now see the search results for web pages in clusters.
  • New Feature: During auto complete of the terms users can now see the class of the term being auto complete.
  • New Feature: Users can now report the problem on the site using a link "Report Problem" on the NIF search interface.
  • New Feature: Users can now post their questions and discuss scientific topics on NIF Forums. See "Ask NIF" link in the page header.
  • Improvement: More button added instead of hover for pop up of longer descriptions.
  • Bug Fix: Literature results from Pubmed are now stable with increased performance.
  • Bug Fix: Several UI quirks related to the browsers have been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: Copy/Paste and inactive search button bug has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: Gene queries with synonyms related bug.
  • Bug Fix: UI quirk related to Gene query has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: Entity highlighting now works in Neuromopho Literature tab.

Known Issues:

  • Context Menu for highlighted terms doesn't work on Safari Browser on MacOS.
  • The left hand panel in the "NIF Registry" results tab is not displaying the categories correctly.
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