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iRODS Tutorial

Included MicroServices

Rules Grammar and Syntax

General Notes:

  • CRBS will use Server level rules.  There are no plans to utilize User level rules at this point.
  • Typical Server level rule modifications:
    • acSetRescSchemeForCreate||msiSetDefaultResc(demoResc,noForce)|nop ; change "demoResc" to the resource that should be used
    • in server/config/server.config the setting reRuleSet    core  says the core.irb file holds all the rules that will apply.  additional files can be created and specifie
    • actionDef | condition | workflow-chain |recovery-chain
      • 'actionDef' is the name of the rule. It is an identifier which can be used by other rules or external functions to invoke the rule.
      • 'condition' is the condition under which this rule applies. i.e., this rule will apply only if the condition is satisfied. Typically, one or more of the session attributes (Attributes) are used to compose a condition.
        • e.g.
          $rescName == demoResc8 OR $objPath like /x/y/z/*
      • workflow-chain' is a sequence of micro-services/rules to be executed by this rule. The micro-services/rules in sequence are separated by the '##' separator. Each may contain a number of input/output parameters.
      • 'recovery-chain' are the micro-services/rules to be called when execution of any one of the micro-services/rules in the workflow-chain failed. There should be an equal number of micro-services/rules in the recovery-chain as there are in the workflow-chain. If no recovery action is needed for a given micro-service/rule, a 'nop' action should be specified.
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