If you find that you can not get to something from off campus or wireless it's very likely because of the firewall. We have secured our own pool of addresses on the campus VPN and you can use those to get to resources you other wise couldn't. The pool has to be applied to your AD account so in order to use this you have to first request it be set up. (just email support@crbs.ucsd.edu)  

Once the account is set up you can obtain the VPN client by following the appropriate link on https://blink.ucsd.edu/technology/network/connections/off-campus/VPN/
Once you have installed the software use vpn.ucsd.edu as the server in the client

Alternatively  you can use the web vpn at https://vpn.ucsd.edu

The safest bet is to choose "all thru ucsd" routing because UCSD sometimes treats connections to SDSC and PRISM as off campus.

Append @crbs  to your AD username to get an IP out of our pool ( - ) then try to connect to your resource.
If you are still unable to connect let us know, we may not have that IP block in the allow list for that particular resource. It's a very easy change for us to make.  

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