General Subversion (aka SVN) Info

Subversion FAQ

Accessing CRBS Subversion

Prevent Plaintext Cacheing of Passwords

On the linux (and possibly some mac) svn clients, passwords will be stored in the ~/.subversion/auth directory as plaintext. To prevent this, add the line "store-passwords = no" to your ~/.subversion/config file

Acquiring an Account

SVN uses crowd credentials, to get an account go to the CRBS Account Request Page. Ensure you check the SVN box as a resource you need access too.

Browsing SVN

To view what files are on svn, goto "" or use Crucible.

Checking Files Out of SVN

Use the command "svn co" to check out files. This will create a directory titled "name_of_repository" in your current working directory.

Path to CRBSSystems_SVN:

Committing Files to SVN

Use the command "svn ci -m "comment" file_name" to commit files to svn

Note that new files not yet under revision control must be added with "svn add [path/to/new_file]" and then committed.  For a list of files that haven't yet been added, use "svn status [local/project/path].

Creating new SVN modules

Developers: Put in a ticket requesting a new module.
SysOPS: As root on subversion server, run

svnadmin create /repos/<reponame>
chown -R apache:apache /repos/<reponame>