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Status of upgrade:

Failover testing successful, no apparent impact to any of our services. Corrected a misconfiguration on one of the interfaces. Waiting for scheduled maintenance window to proceed with the update.

Schedule for upgrade:

3 hour maintenance window for this work on Sunday, 2/28 from 6-9 pm PST

Bug Fixes

97676NDMP is denied if access is restricted by hostname and the host running the NDMP backup application has multiple interfaces.Admin2 Fixed
338101Filerview handling root role as filerview-readonly role.Admin2 Fixed
347753'wrfile' command with non-interactive ssh truncates files.Admin1 Fixed
323929Performance degrades when using performance monitoring toolsAdmin2 Fixed
315549Console displays 'no such option' message for contact informationAdmin3 Fixed
157093[rshd_0:warning]: Permission denied to rsh request from <host>Admin3 Fixed
364405Running "secureadmin setup \-f ssh" on a vfiler or ssh to vfiler may cause storage system panicAdmin2 Fixed
186806snmp.access warning: "same value required in local+partner" in a clusterAdmin4 Fixed
355154noncharacter value hexchar1 placed into string in registryAdmin1 Fixed
283832Protection fault caused by a buffer overflow in registry_audit_file_contents.Admin2 Fixed
117320Software install command does not support HTTPSAdmin5 Fixed
270224SNMP CPU trap contains a carriage return at the end of the messageAdmin3 Fixed
203815ONTAPI to set "options nis.group_update_schedule now" throws errorAdmin3 Fixed
67318The number of hosts supported in options trusted.hosts is not enoughAdmin5 Fixed
232825RFE: Filer based Terminate or Kill an rsh session.Admin5 Fixed
240432FilerView Date/Time Wizard Time Zones page includes "tz_version"Admin4 Fixed
253005CLI commands may hang for a long time.Admin3 Fixed
350681Crypt passwords beginning with \_J9 do not work for LDAP admin authenticationAdmin2 Fixed
359342Use of "
" as a registry key value may panic the storage system
Admin1 Fixed
193482Customer requests method to list all locked out administratorsAdmin4 Fixed
340274Autosupport HTTP proxy configuration with user authentication and TCP port number triggers failureAutosupport2 Fixed
23793autosupport says "Console is using unspecified character set"Autosupport4 Fixed
116167Unclear Console message from Autosupport.Autosupport4 Fixed
314101Stack overflow when is setAutosupport2 Fixed
244121Triggering an AutoSupport could cause a stack overflow.Autosupport2 Fixed
160536AutoSupport delays Clustered Fail Over (CFO).Autosupport2 Fixed
230331Autosupport short report problem with numeric email addressesAutosupport4 Fixed
137669revert_to can hang when the autosupport spool area contains old autosupports that still need to be sentAutosupport3 Fixed
271522cf giveback \-f does not complete giveback when issued with a pending dumpBackup & Restore2 Fixed
168394Tape drive serial numbers not shown in sysconfig \-aBackup & Restore4 Fixed
244558Number of NDMP initiated parallel threads less than max number of QSM, SV or SM parallel transfersBackup & Restore3 Fixed
232745tape read triggers IOException: Too many references: can't spliceBackup & Restore1 Fixed
285358race condition in NDMP file historyBackup & Restore2 Fixed
197262Tape device opened when not ready never becomes readyBackup & Restore3 Fixed
350429An incorrect argument passed to the command "tape_qual" may panic the filer.Backup & Restore2 Fixed
196788Phase 4 of dump can be extremely slow when backing up small filesBackup & Restore2 Fixed
352702Filer may panic when aborting NDMP SM2T sessionsBackup & Restore2 Fixed
229777Tape drives seen in sysconfig \-v/a, but not \-tBackup & Restore3 Fixed
235510Panic on tape interface fibre channel cable swap or switch rezoningBackup & Restore2 Fixed
334542Deadlock while cleaning up NDMP Snap Create operationBackup & Restore1 Fixed
274713NDMP Backup may fail if it is initiated during VSM-jumpaheadBackup & Restore3 Fixed
259432Vfilers does not support directory browsing using NDMP Snapshot Management extensionBackup & Restore2 Fixed
319421Panic while onlining "dead" Adaptec SCSI adapterBackup & Restore2 Fixed
177613Storage show tape command shows WWN, but not WWPNBackup & Restore3 Fixed
321648NDMP based Backup fails due to incorrect state values being returned from the storage systemBackup & Restore1 Fixed
264602Aborting NDMP backup with file history enabled may result in a panicBackup & Restore2 Fixed
184348Storage disable adapter command requires \-f option on tapesBackup & Restore4 Fixed
322975race condition in file history while initializing NDMP dump sessionBackup & Restore2 Fixed
326502Tape drive initialization panics tape cartridge loadBackup & Restore2 Fixed
318339Assertion failure during tape passthru operations (NDMP)Backup & Restore2 Fixed
260924DAR does not work on a data set containing lun clones.Backup & Restore3 Fixed
354552Panic when aborting SM2T backupBackup & Restore2 Fixed
273616CIFS: Delaying opportunistic lock break request might affect throughput for some workloadsCIFS2 Fixed
105105FTP and HTTP paths require permissions on all directory componentsCIFS2 Fixed
319096An invalid name list passed for a SAM domain lookup can result in CIFS authentication deadlockCIFS2 Fixed
356295Option to disable transited list checking in trusted cross-realm Kerberos deployments does not work as desiredCIFS2 Fixed
338428'fsecurity apply' command fails to parse ACEs with usernames/groups with '&' characterCIFS2 Fixed
281382fsecurity apply command fails to replace permissions on some files/sub-directories when propagation mode "2" is usedCIFS2 Fixed
370390SMB Echo request can lead to random 8-byte memory scribble when signing is enabledCIFS1 Fixed
178960Message from symlink.translations processing incorrectly calls some entries "invalid"CIFS4 Fixed
138909Failed to delete files in a directory with sticky bit setCIFS3 Fixed
342250Applications that set ACL on the file during file creation may get 'Access Denied' or data inconsistency panicsCIFS1 Fixed
215416Vscan needs to show the current and throttled number of requests for each server.CIFS5 Fixed
172375cifs domaininfo command does not show correct domain type for Windows 2003 domainsCIFS4 Fixed
176067LDAP requests need configurable timeout valueCIFS5 Fixed
361270The storage system sends incorrect values in SMB 2.0 Close responseCIFS2 Fixed
285640Access denied on an attempt to view the ACL of a file from Microsoft Vista clientCIFS3 Fixed
326524Closing of a file by the virus scanner when a volume goes offline can result in a filer crashCIFS2 Fixed
250840CIFS shares referencing a volume in 'offline' state are not activated when a volume is made onlineCIFS2 Fixed
197833Memory leak while authenticating with an external serverCIFS3 Fixed
278659File access times not updated when client truncates/writes to itCIFS3 Fixed
351239An SMB 2.0 request sent to Data ONTAP with invalid value in the "Next Command Offset" field in the SMB 2.0 header can cause a panic.CIFS2 Fixed
343631Mac 10.5.6 is unable to establish a smb session with the filer using clear text passwords.CIFS2 Fixed
262059CIFS: Access might be denied to clients when virus scanning is enabled and clients use relative paths to open files.CIFS3 Fixed
151217Filer does not use NTLM v2 to authenticate a cleartext username/passwordCIFS3 Fixed
345263NetShareAdd API returns an error when the share comment exceeds 80 charactersCIFS2 Fixed
261074Large number of pending CIFS delete-on-close requests cause the filer to hangCIFS2 Fixed
292671CIFS Authentication fails when using FQDN\userCIFS3 Fixed
208676Make the filer send SNMP trap and EMS messages when there is a critical DC connectivity event.CIFS3 Fixed
229401Changing security style of a qtree to UNIX results in overly restrictive UNIX permissions on files with NT ACLsCIFS3 Fixed
299112Inconsistent vscan behaviour when accessing files over CIFS from the Vscan engineCIFS3 Fixed
182148Filer can panic if the encryption type in kerberose ticket is invalidCIFS2 Fixed
184352"CIFS restart" is not working for a non-default vfiler on rebooting after disallowing cifs.CIFS3 Fixed
320169Deadlock condition involving lock revocation might cause CIFS outage.CIFS2 Fixed
256832CIFS hangs behind wafliron fenced volumes/aggregates.CIFS2 Fixed
356743ownerless file-control block encountered during file enumeration with active durable handlesCIFS2 Fixed
152339Memory pressure may panic CIFSCIFS2 Fixed
337915Filer encounters a disruption while handling RPC calls from clientsCIFS1 Fixed
323359Force closure of large number of files using the user login ID can cause a filer crashCIFS2 Fixed
356893Files of size larger than 4 GB are corrupted when copied over SMB 2.0CIFS1 Fixed
152057No option to allow/deny different types of NTLM tokensCIFS5 Fixed
264212Need a counter for the number of outstanding authentication requests on the filer.CIFS3 Fixed
200788CIFS APIs are not accessible on non-default vfilersCIFS3 Fixed
312855Very large Authentication request can cause the filer to panicCIFS2 Fixed
286619Universal group set as a users primary group is not present in the list of groups a user is a member ofCIFS3 Fixed
268659Storage appliance panics while doing a giveback to a cluster partner.CIFS2 Fixed
76879cifs.idle_timeout limits are too limitingCIFS5 Fixed
111197Symlinks always show up as directories in Windows when widelinks are enabledCIFS3 Fixed
134687"cifs shares \-add" command prompts for a user input for shares with names longer than the DOS 8.3 limitCIFS4 Fixed
298138Invocation of Data ONTAP API "nameservice-map-windows-to-unix" may result in storage system crashCIFS2 Fixed
81989Unable to specify 4 character extensions for virus scanningCIFS3 Fixed
263650Access denied on accessing a directory with NT ACL from Microsoft Vista clientCIFS3 Fixed
239469Filer could panic during cluster giveback if there is LDAP traffic on the takeover node.CIFS2 Fixed
337224Use of 'sectrace show' command while no sectrace filters are set may crash the storage systemCIFS2 Fixed
230910Display of the homedir path for a user is forced to lower-caseCIFS3 Fixed
302852Domain groups specified in GPO "MemberOf" Restricted groups are not added to local groupsCIFS3 Fixed
253825Changing the Owner/SACL of a file with NFSv4 ACL from CIFS client panics the filerCIFS2 Fixed
323820Vfiler volumes with name length greater than 197 characters are not listed under vfiler pseudo-rootCIFS3 Fixed
270644Vista might fail to connect to storage system over CIFS when signing is enabledCIFS3 Fixed
272653An error message "Filer's security information differs from domain controller." is printed on the filer console without the DC informationCIFS3 Fixed
168052Filer might fail to fetch GPOs from AD if site name is not Default-First-Site-Name or no subnet rules are definedCIFS3 Fixed
33557wcc \-u does not correctly handle UNIX names that start with numericsCIFS3 Fixed
259634Virus detection msgbox from vscan server does not popupCIFS3 Fixed
249379Accessing alternate data stream file with lowercase "$data" failsCIFS3 Fixed
293810Panic due to wrong CIFS state during takeoverCIFS2 Fixed
217442Memory leak in Kerberos replay cache by rc_store()CIFS2 Fixed
312087Filer panics during giveback because of heavy delete on close load on a vfilerCIFS2 Fixed
351301A-SIS hangs on a volume that is accessed by CIFSCIFS2 Fixed
249057CIFS Auditing on a long absolute path can cause Data ONTAP to panicCIFS2 Fixed
302272Disabling option "cifs.netbios_over_tcp.enable" does not close the listening socket on port 139CIFS3 Fixed
246343Filer does not use a timeout value for ldap searchesCIFS2 Fixed
187146Windows 98 and Windows ME clients cannot view a list of shares when cifs.signing.enable is onCIFS3 Fixed
276445malformed $IPC write request can disrupt CIFSCIFS2 Fixed
336863Filer encounters a disruption when a cifs command is run from the consoleCIFS2 Fixed
140704Physical path when creating CIFS shares should use share corresponding to drive letterCIFS5 Fixed
211708cf status shows wrong information "ready for giveback"Clustering3 Fixed
229893Creating useradmin roles via rsh sessions fails unexpectedlyCommands4 Fixed
201310?rdfile? and ?wrfile? commands are not listed in help menu for admin modeCommands3 Fixed
226469Useradmin "group modify" and "role modify" does not recognize \-f option.Commands3 Fixed
226153Renaming a local admin to an invalid name makes the admin undeletableCommands3 Fixed
380162Invalid value for "options.nis.group_update.enable" can cause memory corruption.Commands1 Fixed
302148Man page correction for snap autodelete commandDocuments4 Fixed
173733LDAP SASL Authentication requires a special SPN with Windows LDAP serversDocuments4 Fixed
28473Filers and netcaches do not support facility redirection for forwarded syslog messagesEMS5 Fixed
153046Filer hangs during 'revert_to' in "without rc" mode.EMS2 Fixed
251226Data ONTAP FTP server does not delete directory having directory name with a trailing slashFTP2 Fixed
229902Ftp returns NO ack code for some commands.FTP4 Fixed
247929Ftpd: the gid of directory listing is wrongFTP3 Fixed
242067Data ONTAP FTP server returns wrong last modification time in response to MDTM commandFTP3 Fixed
352032Data ONTAP panics if absolute pathname length of a directory or a file exceeds 1024FTP2 Fixed
268936FTP login is failing for user in format username@NetBIOS_Domain and FQDN\usernameFTP3 Fixed
337056ZAPI requests over HTTPS may fail when 'httpd.admin.access' is set to IPv6 addressHTTP2 Fixed
177448Blank logon credentials can bypass HTTP NTLM authenticationHTTP3 Fixed
296699Idle HTTP connections can remain open for longer than httpd.timeout secondsHTTP3 Fixed
228890ONTAP incorrectly returns "Location" field in the HTTP/1.1 200 Ok responsesHTTP3 Fixed
343726Filer might panic accessing invalid http connection structure.HTTP3 Fixed
332570Java Servlet Engine could not create a servlet headerJAVA2 Fixed
327415use of internal Java JIT compiler fragments memory-address spaceJAVA1 Fixed
219117Incorrect sysstat summary for \-m and \-M option.Kernel/Op Sys4 Fixed
265957System crash due to buffer overflow in the syslog daemonKernel/Op Sys2 Fixed
328989The diagnostic trace command may result in a cpu hung panic.Kernel/Op Sys2 Fixed
223428Warning about long running console commands.Kernel/Op Sys3 Fixed
160495Unable to set time protocol options using FilerviewKernel/Op Sys2 Fixed
139610System crash while tracing is being stopped.Kernel/Op Sys2 Fixed
230675statit can panic if stats collection is stopped before the command finishes initialization.Kernel/Op Sys2 Fixed
95446Panic in lock manager due to situation with expired leasesLock Manager1 Fixed
333867Lock status command take too long to complete executionLock Manager2 Fixed
241440FTP uploads are aborted when a CIFS client opens the file during uploadLock Manager3 Fixed
225731Filer slow in responding to mounts/NFS requestsNFS2 Fixed
129407Please add support for more than 16 supplemental group identifiersNFS5 Fixed
113904Filer panics when a client does mount with sec=krb5, with a principal/username not present in the name service database and when NFSv4 is enabled on the filerNFS1 Fixed
279646Stack Corruption in NSMNFS2 Fixed
287032Rquota program doesnot report quotas for export entries which use the \-actual option.NFS3 Fixed
229192autogrow does not keep up with write load resulting in write failuersNFS1 Fixed
264347Uninitialized pointer causes a crash.NFS2 Fixed
339939nfsstats \-h prints upto only 256 clientsNFS5 Fixed
345781Setting of 'rquotad.enable' option form 'on' to 'off' results in panicNFS2 Fixed
232828Malformed RPC requests can cause filer to panic.NFS2 Fixed
368885zero length data not handled properlyNFS2 Fixed
168375Auto export of the cloned volume when the parent volume is exported with '-actual' can cause the parent volume paths to go stale.NFS3 Fixed
341444Possible panic during NFS setup if kerberos is usedNFS2 Fixed
284327Inconsistent exports due to improper sychronizationNFS2 Fixed
334255Race condition in NFS reply cache between flow recycle and flow initializationNFS1 Fixed
338620NFS quota RPC for symbolic-link path uses too much memoryNFS2 Fixed
223270A possible race condition between processing of showmount and unmount requestsNFS2 Fixed
164339If the "nosuid" export option is set, setuid and setgid bit is denied only for regular filesNFS3 Fixed
362415Race condition between NFS reply-cache-cleaning thread and NFS request-processing threadNFS2 Fixed
296385NFSv3 and NFSv2 SETATTR set size should always succeed inside a UNIX qtree, even when the file has been opened from CIFS with DENY writeNFS3 Fixed
256955Incorrect information for "maximum context count" in nfsstat man page.NFS3 Fixed
340680Locking fails with 'no locks available' for NLM Lock RequestsNFS2 Fixed
297729RPC XDR memory allocation issuesNFS2 Fixed
370052Wrong usage of an internal counter causing storage system panic while executing a lock or mount requestNFS1 Fixed
215594SNMP nvram battery status query can take a long timeNVRAM2 Fixed
288521panic: process on cpu hung (in Ethernet driver)Networking2 Fixed
272708T320-XFP TOE card not changing state to 'down' when Tx fiber is brokenNetworking2 Fixed
305237Jumbo frames on T3 TOE are fragmentedNetworking2 Fixed
309047Page Fault panic in process BCOM-GigE/e0bNetworking2 Fixed
195850SYN DoS attack prevention code causes panic for IPv6Networking2 Fixed
263524Protection fault panic in 'syncookie_lookup' in ipv6Networking2 Fixed
332197Excessive Interrupts and Pause framesNetworking2 Fixed
244181Netgroup lookup may return a random error codeNetworking3 Fixed
187216Unchecked allocation in TCP processing panics NetcacheNetworking2 Fixed
244180DNS reverse name lookup may return a wrong result during DNS outageNetworking2 Fixed
289403Quad 1G TOE card, with VLAN set, may panic under load.Networking2 Fixed
225973NFS request and mounts may fail due to mishandling of name servicesNetworking1 Fixed
242522HSRP route updates during takeover/giveback may modify default routeNetworking2 Fixed
347243Remove TOE string from EMS and sysconfig outputNetworking3 Fixed
242790'g' or 'G' in the size specification of pktt command is ignoredNetworking3 Fixed
330953Dual TOE-10G Ethernet Controller becomes unresponsiveNetworking2 Fixed
222614Assigning Existing Alias IP as primary IP on Interface Causes Configuration ErrorNetworking3 Fixed
338842T204V can autonegotiate flowcontrol incorrectly with CiscoNetworking3 Fixed
257930vfiler dr activate causes LACP link down messages.Networking3 Fixed
360727Flow control may be reported randomly by X1008 cards with certain switches.Networking3 Fixed
332110Driver refresh for X1008, X1010 dual port 10G ethernet cardNetworking2 Fixed
213952DNS server outage may cause the appliance to become unresponsive for a whileNetworking3 Fixed
353944LACP link aggregates may not work with some switchesNetworking2 Fixed
334389toe fw/sram command does not work for single port 10G (X1106A) ethernet cardNetworking4 Fixed
159340Improvement of description of event Fixed
254399A bogus "unrecognized disk type" error message might be displayed at bootRAID4 Fixed
333613LUN serial number changed during head swap/upgrade in version 7.2.4 and laterRAID3 Fixed
307691Disk reservation conflict during non-disruptive upgrade takeoverRAID2 Fixed
157010Reconstructing volume should be shown as "reconstruct" in vol status and vol status \-r outputRAID3 Fixed
183723Parity disks are counted toward the aggregate size limitRAID5 Fixed
371248WAFL_check and wafliron in Data ONTAP 7.3.1 may cause panic on RAID-0 configuration.RAID1 Fixed
116361Adding a disk to a raidgroup other than the last raidgroup needs checkRAID3 Fixed
344529Aggregate mirror-rejoining has restrictions for zoned-checksum aggregates in raid0 systems.RAID3 Fixed
246880Inconsistent parity after Multi Disk PanicRAID1 Fixed
170011Reconstruction can hijack FC loop bandwidthRAID2 Fixed
291741Failed raid group can lead to a panic during mirror error reportingRAID2 Fixed
155070Checksum error misinterpret as lostwrite error.RAID1 Fixed
307780Microcore dump during Multidisk Panic can cause WAFL hungRAID2 Fixed
259376Failing disks on first symptoms of lost writes considered harmful.RAID1 Fixed
231085Potential inconsistent state during system upgrade.RAID3 Fixed
349762A disk failure can affect system performance when disk utilization is > 50%RAID2 Fixed
201777V-Series panic with more than 255 spare LUNsRAID2 Fixed
158971raid.fdr.reminder ems eventRAID4 Fixed
260168RAID Assimilation doesn't assimilate partner node's spare disks on a loop/shelf outage and recoveryRAID3 Fixed
198492Aggregate or traditional volume still present after removing diskRAID2 Fixed
241025Expanding aggregate Snapshot copy reserveRAID3 Fixed
272528At completion of RAID I/O operation, RAID object discovered missingRAID2 Fixed
336685Scrub on detecting parity inconsistencies in a Raid-DP aggregate panics filer.RAID2 Fixed
314192PANIC: Unknown checksum entry stateRAID2 Fixed
104737Inconsistent size in 'Used (MB/blks)' column of sysconfig \-r output for partner disks.RAID3 Fixed
330177Data ONTAP relies on re-parity operation to correct dirty state of a raidgroup.RAID1 Fixed
302439Data checksum errors on RAID-0 configuration leads to WAFL inconsistent.RAID1 Fixed
338279A write operation on encountering errors was stalled resulting in WAFL hung panicRAID2 Fixed
297923Panic with incomplete command 'aggr add <aggr-name> \-g'RAID2 Fixed
210632Need SNMP OID for raid type of an aggregateRAID5 Fixed
163606Badly fragmented memorySecurity2 Fixed
168450The maximum concurrent SSH sessions should be greater than 12Security5 Fixed
202747Feature Request to disable root accountSecurity3 Fixed
2840Allow netgroups in the hosts.equiv fileSecurity5 Fixed
240467Snapmirror status shows duplicate entries when one or more vfilers have snapmirror relationsSnapMirror2 Fixed
256929In RSM/VSM cascade setups, the 'snapmirror status' command run on intermediate storage systems in the cascade may occasionally not display the status for downstream relationshipsSnapMirror2 Fixed
217234SnapMirror Quiesce can interrupt a running SnapMirror Resync Rollback operationSnapMirror3 Fixed
225762Aborted transfers cannot be restarted when the incremental snapshot got deleted on source sideSnapMirror3 Fixed
148817Maximum number of entries allowed in the snapmirror.conf is 600SnapMirror5 Fixed
325150Snapmirror throttling at destination might cause destination filer to panic in some cases.SnapMirror2 Fixed
129521SnapMirror does not support qtree paths containing spaces in snapmirror.confSnapMirror5 Fixed
173319Volume SnapMirror should get back into synchronous mode automatically when the latest snapshot is deleted on source volume.SnapMirror2 Fixed
115485SnapVault and qtree SnapMirror sources send extra directory dataSnapMirror5 Fixed
242687Snapmirror status may show a wrong state for restricted, offlined or non-existent volumes.SnapMirror3 Fixed
129799Qtree SnapMirror and SnapVault treat the Access Time change as modification.SnapMirror5 Fixed
184090Asynchronous SnapMirror using MultiPath connection could panic the filer with lossy networks.SnapMirror2 Fixed
172197multiple "snapmirror/snapvault status" commands can make the system unresponsive and degrade the performance.SnapMirror2 Fixed
211186Executing "snapmirror break" command for a qtree on VSM(volume snapmirror)destination may cause filer to become unavailable.SnapMirror2 Fixed
147912Qtree SnapMirror's rollback progress can be confused with the following resync transferSnapMirror3 Fixed
331438SnapVault or Qtree SnapMirror resync operations might cause data corruption on certain datasets under certain conditionsSnapMirror2 Fixed
192556SNMP timeout with snapmirrorStatusTableSnapMirror3 Fixed
326050GF920 storage system is not supported in Data ONTAP 7.3SnapMirror1 Fixed
268628Certain Qtree SnapMirror(QSM) and SnapVault(SV) transfers, that are restarted across a filer head upgrade at the destination, can sometimes cause filer panicSnapMirror1 Fixed
212287SnapMirrored qtree is reported 'Uninitialized' if SnapMirror Resync is interrupted by SnapMirror QuiesceSnapMirror3 Fixed
193197Aborting QSM/SV resync at confirmation prompt prevents further updatesSnapMirror3 Fixed
294334inode2parent scanner can lead to additional logical replication data transfer.SnapMirror2 Fixed
187019Interrupting a sync "snapmirror break" might cause filer panicSnapMirror2 Fixed
232706Filer panic when Synchronous SnapMirror run out of netadmin messagesSnapMirror2 Fixed
319123Qtree-SnapMirror/SnapVault transfers might fail with error "replication destination failed to load entry from inode map".SnapMirror1 Fixed
214003Synchronous SnapMirror in semi-sync mode will fail with FCP client trafficSnapMirror2 Fixed
330625Snapvault/Qtree-SnapMirror update transfers following certain failed update transfers, involving LUN data set, can cause destination system to panicSnapMirror2 Fixed
101626Qtree SnapMirror and SnapVault inode attribute overhead.SnapMirror5 Fixed
324268Protection Fault panic in rpl_fill_ics_compression_status()SnapMirror2 Fixed
325026Bug in SATA drive management could lead to stuck commands and core dump failure.Storage2 Fixed
286516lcd_manager accessing a shelf error object that was deleted by another processStorage2 Fixed
380230A recommend failure state on a disk cannot be cleared if the disk is not failed.Storage2 Fixed
229711WAFL hung panic when doing AT-FCX shelf firmware updatesStorage2 Fixed
326357Panic when identifying new SAS deviceStorage2 Fixed
283019Panic: Received reinit for unknown disk in process sanown_notifyStorage2 Fixed
306456Throttling background RAID operations is ineffectiveStorage3 Fixed
299628Hostname appears in AutoSupport, even though the autosupport.content option was set to minimalStorage3 Fixed
220879Health Monitor logging may affect client performanceStorage3 Fixed
348107Continued SAS disk underruns on LSI 1068E controllerStorage2 Fixed
338125"monitor.shelf.fault:CRITICAL" message appears upon bootup on FAS2020/FAS2050 configurations.Storage3 Fixed
346538Panic due to malformed ESH4 EDA payloadStorage2 Fixed
165644Fault LEDs were lit on all drives on a loopStorage2 Fixed
305539Memory leak when the Hard Drive device qualifier file gets parsedStorage2 Fixed
299445SES race condition causes a page fault panic.Storage2 Fixed
334068Occasional PCIe correctable errors reported by Fibre Channel ControllerStorage3 Fixed
230776Sysstat shows disk utilization more than 100% for small time windowStorage3 Fixed
192847C1300 -- Pressing power button while system is running may cause panic and reset.Storage2 Fixed
311276Enclosure data manager unable to reference shelf dataStorage2 Fixed
207054Unexpected number of switch ports causes a panic.Storage2 Fixed
349079NHT drive data collection causes performance drop with X279_HVIPB288F15 NA01.Storage2 Fixed
247626Hub and channel names truncated in the storage show hub command outputStorage4 Fixed
240521FC HBA fault 0xcc640010Storage3 Fixed
349162Memory leak during SES scan operation on multipath HA systems.Storage3 Fixed
256391Panic: Assertion failure in process raidio_threadStorage2 Fixed
208757"storage disable adapter" does not warn if tape devices are in useStorage3 Fixed
257103External arrays are not supported on a filerStorage2 Fixed
347580Remove unnecessary content from /etc/log/shelflog/shelflog_ataStorage3 Fixed
317463Bug in SATA drive management could lead to stuck commands and WAFL hang.Storage2 Fixed
323491Bug information not availableStorage2 Fixed
339350Disk RPM may not be displayed correctly at boot time.Storage3 Fixed
203771The command disk remove_ownership requires a LUN when used on a V-series systemStorage3 Fixed
314351FC HBA Firmware Fault 0x8114 in slots 2/3 of FAS31xxStorage2 Fixed
348038ASSERT failure in deep recovery path of SATA drive initialization sequence.Storage2 Fixed
325427Buffer overrun in disk I/O messages requiring multiple cmdblksStorage2 Fixed
213896Warn customers when CPLD level is not high enough for MPHAStorage2 Fixed
198468Incorrect error message indicating disk FW will be updated on non-RAID DP volumesStorage3 Fixed
344420WAFL hung when checking for diskcopy in progressStorage2 Fixed
290934Unrecognized enclosure services device leads to panic or MDPStorage2 Fixed
243236Enclosure data manager unable to reference shelf dataStorage2 Fixed
263767Disk error information was not being correctly reported to non-RAID subsystemsStorage2 Fixed
246275Duplicate and inconsistent syslog messages from storage adapter driversStorage3 Fixed
370700FC Errors during Shelf FW Download May Lead to System PanicStorage2 Fixed
343960Disk reporting false information about itselfStorage2 Fixed
269971Erroneous "AUTO TERMINATION ERROR" message in Multi-Path HA configsStorage3 Fixed
334451Memory leak during SES scan operation.Storage2 Fixed
306983Using a disk qualification package (DQP) could resize the disk drives under certain conditionsStorage1 Fixed
258542V-Series/FAS system panics if too many disks are assignedStorage2 Fixed
333167Recovered-error status response to SCSI reservation can panic Data ONTAPStorage2 Fixed
245689MetroCluster fabric queries delay seeing disks at remote live switchesStorage2 Fixed
198767Non-Disruptive update of firmware to the AT-FCX controller modulesStorage3 Fixed
224958Error recovery code caused an infinite loop and subsequent panicStorage2 Fixed
335089Switch port disable/enable can cause panicStorage2 Fixed
313983ASUP added to catch unreliable FCAL linksStorage2 Fixed
317347Disk driver may panic when handling disk "not ready" statusStorage2 Fixed
299810lcd_manager and another process freeing the same shelf error objectStorage2 Fixed
270485Disk shelves might report erroneous overtemperature failure.Storage3 Fixed
313301Panic when disk shelf added after during replacement procedureStorage2 Fixed
296297An Unsupported Shelf can be reported and result in a loop taken offline when a shelf fails to process an SES command successfully.Storage2 Fixed
200177When offlining/restricting a traditional volume using the aggr command, the \-t option will not be respected.WAFL3 Fixed
244638Failure restoring volume-specific configurationWAFL3 Fixed
194422ACLS in a QSM can trigger loss of NVLOG after unclean shutdown.WAFL1 Fixed
254457sysstat man information for Cache Age is misleading.WAFL4 Fixed
166522Writing to full aggregates may fail upon replayWAFL1 Fixed
260628"Out of fsid" panic during takeoverWAFL2 Fixed
268445Panic due to high Memory PressureWAFL2 Fixed
246619Bug information not availableWAFL3 Fixed
167362Filers might crash without an appropriate message if inode is corrupted.WAFL3 Fixed
229712High data update rate can exhaust memory resources, and cause WAFL CP hung panicWAFL2 Fixed
310869WEBNFS mount on non-default vfiler returns failures accessing underlying qtreesWEBNFS2 Fixed
235896Filer may panic with "Unexpected task in VTIC" after givebackISCSI - General2 Fixed
279733Controller crashes when doing a lun unmap with a page fault message in process vdisk_adminISCSI - General2 Fixed
285710"Cluster partner could not be reached, interconnect may be down"ISCSI - General2 Fixed
180127Changes to iscsi.max_ios_per_session, iscsi.tcp_window_size do not persist across filer rebootISCSI - General3 Fixed
321617Starting iSNS without a reachable iSNS server may trigger a panicISCSI - General2 Fixed
180286ONTAP requires that iSNS server be specified by IP addressISCSI - General4 Fixed
101158filer as LUN target unprepared to handle timeout in data-in responseISCSI - General2 Fixed
304370Setting ALUA on certain igroups leads to panic.ISCSI - General2 Fixed
327456Panic while re-evaluating next hop on encountering a closed socketISCSI - General2 Fixed
248949START STOP UNIT command conflicts with scsi-3 style persistent reservationsISCSI - General3 Fixed
280028iSCSI driver may hold SCSI command up to 10 seconds during response processing with ERL=2ISCSI - General2 Fixed
337638SnapLock autocommit feature takes significantly longer time to commit files to WORM stateSnapLock3 Fixed
294263SnapLock volume cannot be created in HA setup if one node is running Data ONTAP 7.3.0 and the other node is running Data ONTAP 7.3.1 or higher.SnapLock2 Fixed
265128SnapLock is disabled in ONTAP 7.3.0SnapLock2 Fixed
269537WAFL_check on SnapLock(R) volume can panic the filerSnapLock2 Fixed
325583Retention period of zero length WORM files can be reduced.SnapLock3 Fixed
304030Time values used in names of the snapshots and log files created by SnapLock for SnapVault feature appear to be out of date.SnapLock3 Fixed
286571Repair of SnapLock volumes should give priority to filesystem consistency over SnapLock protectionSnapLock1 Fixed
241644Restriction for snapshot deletion on a SnapLock compliance volumeSnapLock3 Fixed
349100SnapLock logging fails if the security style on SnapLock log volume is ntfs.SnapLock2 Fixed
202235Attributes are modified by the origin even though the cache holds a delegationFlexCache1 Fixed
285415"vol create" of flexcache volumes will report "generic failure occurred" for IPv6 accessFlexCache3 Fixed
353822Unacceptable NFS performance for a FlexCache volumeFlexCache2 Fixed
274427FlexCache volume option 'actimeo' can override other TTLsFlexCache3 Fixed
364352The 'flexcache deleg' privileged command could panic filerFlexCache2 Fixed
303858handling of invalid FlexCache credentials may cause the filer to crashFlexCache2 Fixed
290663FlexCache volumes may not be mounted read-onlyFlexCache2 Fixed
309788SnapVault for NetBackup unpack process aborts due to missing parent directorySnapVault3 Fixed
229235P3 panics on first restore after VSMing the volume (on destination)SnapVault2 Fixed
308755System faults on internal memory inconsistency in SnapVault for NetBackupSnapVault2 Fixed
313180Snapvault for NetBackup: A new option to specify the amount of data change to trigger ASIS in a Snapvault for NetBackup volumeSnapVault3 Fixed
265756snapvault status \-b for P3VSM destination volume incorrectly shows actual space utilizationSnapVault3 Fixed
330676SnapVault for NetBackup panics on restoring very small backupsSnapVault2 Fixed
255317Slow SnapVault for NetBackup transfers after WAFL IRONSnapVault2 Fixed
185239Filer Panics if a "snapmirror initialize" is attempted on a destination flex volume residing on an aggregate that runs out of space.DisasterRecovery - SnapMirror2 Fixed
312628SnapMirror updates failing for sis volumes on upgrade from 7.2.4 to - SnapMirror2 Fixed
317889Snapvault transfer fails if snapmirror.access does not contain the snapvault destination hostname/ipaddressDisasterRecovery - SnapMirror3 Fixed
289215Filer Panics during SnapMirror resync.DisasterRecovery - SnapMirror2 Fixed
326230Asynchronous Volume SnapMirror throughput is low in WAN environments with larger Round Trip Time (RTT).DisasterRecovery - SnapMirror2 Fixed
288494Panic after changing snapmirror configuration information.DisasterRecovery - SnapMirror2 Fixed
229202CLI Warning prompt before breaking Volume SnapMirror relationship of Snaplock Compliance volumes.DisasterRecovery - SnapMirror3 Fixed
131740No Volume Space Guarantee Option For Volume SnapMirror DestinationsDisasterRecovery - SnapMirror3 Fixed
166352Pending snapmirror transfers are not retried every minute.DisasterRecovery - SnapMirror3 Fixed
230648Memory leak in snapmirror codeDisasterRecovery - SnapMirror2 Fixed
347924LUN to igroup maps are removed for LUNs in offline volumes 2 Fixed
337618Link aggregation code violates MP safety of TOE NICs 2 Fixed
277777stats show dump could panic the system when issued near the end of a backup 3 Fixed
314552The "units" Field for "volume" Object Counter Definitions Incorrect for Certain Counters 3 Fixed
235460Filer can panic if it needs to block when generating NFSv4 reply 2 Fixed
269652Hosts.equiv authentication does not default to root if no user defined 3 Fixed
273331at interconnect down, VTIC may attempt to remove the same initiator twice 2 Fixed
318831ONTAPI quota-add-entry could panic the filer when it encounters an error 2 Fixed
312235Repeated registered state change notifications (RSCN) and initiator logins may lead the controller to panic. 2 Fixed
269270FilerView: IOException Could not list user(s). 2 Fixed
134121Filer-at-a-glance space display wrong for overcommitted flexvols 3 Fixed
178136Rare PANIC when deleting the most recently created snapshot. 2 Fixed
339441Onboard adapters configured as targets may unexpectedly change to initiators after a takeover. 2 Fixed
328467Memory leak in iterative Data ONTAP APIs. 2 Fixed
314088Name cache invalidation for snapshot/volume without preemption leads to CPU hang panic. 2 Fixed
29181815k.5 SAS drive fails to respond to INQUIRY command 2 Fixed
323029WAFL delayed free mechanism may lead to a system disruption. 2 Fixed
349156mbufs miscounted for NFSv4 operation setclientid 2 Fixed
280584Procedure to upgrade to software-based disk ownership using non-disruptive upgrade 2 Fixed
345063Filer panics while running nfsstat command 2 Fixed
260697LUNs of size greater than 60Gb can display different digits of precision on FilerView and CLI 3 Fixed
282463WAFL_check and wafliron do not fix wafl context information in a block which has correct data 2 Fixed
331413EMS is incorrectly displayed when disk reservations have been released 3 Fixed
266740Telnet and SSH sessions to the filer erroneously point to Vfiler context. 2 Fixed
300161Wrong auto-config for hw_assist functionality on Spectre platform 3 Fixed
315295The FC target driver may perform an SRAM dump of the adapter for diagnostic and recovery purposes. 2 Fixed
354337Polling PCI-express correctable errors on a card bridge component 3 Fixed
344484Interactive SSH breaks when the option 'telnet.enable' is 'off'. 2 Fixed
298045OSSV transfers from Unix flavour clients that don't support ACLs may fail or may cause disruption service to storage servers if compression option is enabled on those relationships. 2 Fixed
153245Accessing nsdb vfiler variables when they are cleared out during giveback. 2 Fixed
317913Readahead can cause 200% CPU utilization on very large files 3 Fixed
141716"snapvault status \-c" might fail to show the SnapVault configuration when 1 MB of contiguous free memory is not available 3 Fixed
367646FAS System may run out of resources (kernel threads) when network connection between DFM and FAS system drops 2 Fixed
241999Cisco port name changes to switchname:0 after an HBA port disruption 3 Fixed
272407Can't navigate to subsequent pages of Qtree->Manage screen in FilerView when qtree count is more than 1000. 3 Fixed
255585FlexShare 'priority show volume' and long volume names 4 Fixed
356692An snmpwalk of qrV2Table using snmpV3 doesn't return all of the qtrees. 3 Fixed
319184FilerView inserts junk characters in the /etc/rc file on creating or deleting Vlan 2 Fixed
298898HA instability issues after upgrade ( JNI-IB 1x only ) 2 Fixed
294264Data ONTAP Shouldn't Send START UNIT commands to array LUNs 1 Fixed
251935Unsynced NVRAM logs result in cluster failover disabled 3 Fixed
200250Minimum LUN size allocation error 4 Fixed
282461File policy must be disabled before being destroyed. 3 Fixed
349472Double free of object causes filer to panic during cleanup of ssh session 2 Fixed
320433Deduplication is disabled after NDU upgrade to Data OnTAP 7.3.0 or 7.3.1 3 Fixed
354933FAS system may run out of resources (kernel threads) when using some NDMP interfaces. 2 Fixed
352480SAS.0500.SFW: New SAS firmware for the FAS20xx product line. 3 Fixed
195434Windows Perfmon does not correctly display LUN instances 3 Fixed
293502Throughput regression on low concurrency FCP work loads using 2G Qlogic adapters 2 Fixed
216314EMS asup.general.reminder uses too high priority SNMP trap 134 4 Fixed
283817SnapVault Backup of arbitrary snapshot from DR site is not allowed 2 Fixed
300073SIS changelogging could exhaust the WAFL reserve space resulting in a filer panic. 2 Fixed
346774Ontap panics due to lack of available virtual buffer mappings 2 Fixed
328922SSH client sometimes does not return to the command prompt. 2 Fixed
337228Incorrect EMS message returned when SIS schedule is changed 3 Fixed
280127Massive thin provisioning leads to long boot/takeover CPs. 3 Fixed
273907AT-FCX module may panic with "PANIC FC 4 (xx) (xxxxx) (xxxx)004" 2 Fixed
342775False DISK/SHELF COUNT MISMATCH autosupport or disk missing message. 3 Fixed
275063SNMP server prints several "send reponse failure" messages to console 3 Fixed
197889FCP Target adapter encounters PCI error during takover/giveback sequence 2 Fixed
312401Freeing of unallocated memory while retrieving joinable Organisation Units from AD panics filer 2 Fixed
346831SNMP request for last operation size of a deduplication operation leaks memory. 2 Fixed
359713'disk assign' on FAS2000 can result in both nodes owning the same disk 1 Fixed
324206Storage controller may panic under write load due to deswizzler scanner. 1 Fixed
231471FCVI adapter used in snapmirror over fiberchannel configuration may not initialize the link. 2 Fixed
215354WAFL takeover: no partner area found during wafl replay 3 Fixed
151636Qtrees assigned to vfilers not reflected in the vfiler's pseudo-fs 3 Fixed
317392UUIDs may be duplicate due to timestamp multiplication overflow 2 Fixed
338503DNS lookup fails in the default vfiler context, when filer is rebooted with IPv6 being enabled. 3 Fixed
240838Cisco Switches do not show correct slot number in "storage show disk \-p" output. 3 Fixed
304468performance-archiver sample queue consumes excessive memory 2 Fixed
368573in 'vfiler dr configure', specifying alternate NIS servers will trigger panic 2 Fixed
356153Deduplication performance degradation in some VMWare use-cases with lot of overwrites in the volume 2 Fixed
230731Bogus percentage values in statit 3 Fixed
335086Incorrect assertion in WAFL_check and wafliron panics when fixing certain inconsistencies 1 Fixed
309010Panic in WAFL during HA giveback after a failed takeover due to missing root volume 2 Fixed
137492FilerView: Vfiler Wizard fails to confgure network interfaces and create /etc/rc entries 4 Fixed
343234Performance Improvement for LUNS created in a NTFS Security Style Volume 3 Fixed
365390Usage of NLM asynchronous locking may experience delays or cause storage system to hang 1 Fixed
279120Increase networking throughput for 8 processor platforms 3 Fixed
188901SnapVault relationship creation fails when primary root directory has a non-ASCII name 2 Fixed
230965Simultaneous "quota report" and "quota off" may hang filer 2 Fixed
116320A file object could end up with two different NFS filehandles 2 Fixed
346690Infinite recursion in the routing code results in stack overflow 2 Fixed
314146memory leak in sis-status API while monitoring deduplication 2 Fixed
10527SNMP V2/V3 should be supported by NetApp's filers 5 Fixed
318500None guaranteed flexvols consume more aggregate space in releases after 7.2 5 Fixed
319921NVRAM Disabled During Reboot 2 Fixed
294093DS14Mk2-AT AT-FCX Module Firmware update to 36 3 Fixed
145505Space reservation resize assertion failure from CIFS Setattr OP 1 Fixed
315081SNMP counters for volume stats sometimes return irregular values. 2 Fixed
336549When setflag wafl_enable_allocation_size is set to 0, WAFL may 'leak' quotas on CIFS access 3 Fixed
322363Volume export settings not inherited for volume clones, when clone was added to the vfiler 3 Fixed
299762Adding resources to a vFiler whose root volume is read only should not be allowed. 2 Fixed
342900Percent sign in registry/config files can panic the storage system. 1 Fixed
297252Maximum no. of snapvault or qtree snapmirror transfers on FAS940 may be less than 16 3 Fixed
138952SIS configuration will be removed if the volume is renamed before SIS initializes. 3 Fixed
337552Wafl hung under low memory conditions 2 Fixed
297099vlan-over-vif interface could fail to come up after takeover 2 Fixed
289237A message has to be logged when the system exceeds the limit for NLM clients or owners 3 Fixed
289244Bug information not available 2 Fixed
240541cfInterconnectStatus SNMP MIB reflects incorrect status 3 Fixed
313505Filer panics while obtaining a v4 byte range lock. 1 Fixed
295574SIS enabled volume may go offline if system memory size is reduced 3 Fixed
346727Partnering different interface names breaks NTLM authentication and NIS broadcast in taken over node. 2 Fixed
147234System can hang flushing data 2 Fixed
317575Assertion failure due to invalid buffer state after partial write 1 Fixed
317145PAM may panic or fail to cache data using flexclones in ONTAP 7.3.0 2 Fixed
192592Provide a read-only FilerView role 5 Fixed
356767WAFL causes a disruption when it encounters inconsistent data structure state. 2 Fixed
250366Lun Clones replicated by QSM/SnapVault in DataONTAP 7.2 go offline after upgrade to DataONTAP 7.3 3 Fixed
357910Invocation of ONTAPI system-api-get-elements with empty input list for api-list-info causes Storage system crash 2 Fixed
369977Data ONTAP impacted by OpenSSL Vulnerability CVE-2008-5077 2 Fixed
342707VIP not available for some management protocols on upgrade to 7.3\+ versions 3 Fixed
338935Direct Attached Active/Passive arrays not switching to next I/O path 2 Fixed
248148"disk assign \-n" command with negative number (number of disks) causes Filer panic 3 Fixed
247295heavy load of read operations can suffer severe performance effects 2 Fixed
296570chmod should not cause the ACL on a file or directory to be dropped 3 Fixed
319180Race condition in buffer cache accounting lead to CP hang. 1 Fixed
221398Option cf.takeover.detection.seconds mishandled on upgrade/revert 3 Fixed
312494Storage system panics when SSH autentication access NULL pointer 2 Fixed
241353Snapshot Daemon Caused a Page Fault After A CFO Giveback 2 Fixed
138662Immediately following CFO giveback, the filer auto-reboots with the message "REBOOTING for Fibre channel adapter(s) XX to become available" 2 Fixed
281509AT-FCX firmware can fall into an endless loop of attempts to initialize a drive and report 04/44/00/xx errors 1 Fixed
244018In the aggr show_space command, "Allocated" space of volume guaranteed volumes keeps changing 3 Fixed
146784cd to .snapshot fails over NFSv4 when the parent volume is mounted 3 Fixed
313152'ndmpcopy' may not restore properly the LUNs having space reservation disabled. This issue is also apparent in case of restore from tape. 2 Fixed
363906LUN clone splits appear to exhaust bufs for CP 2 Fixed
220718When user initiates more than eight "sis start \-s" operations, the ninth (and later) commands will be scheduled after one of the first eight finish 3 Fixed
311800Host name lookup for multi-homed host fails due to a bug in /etc/hosts parsing routines. 2 Fixed
227269Software ownership of disks incompatible when upgrading from Intel based system to AMD based system 2 Fixed
206099"fcp config VIRT_PORT [up,down]" may fail even if physical port is up 4 Fixed
326512Ethernet packet tracing on VLAN layered on LACF/VIF may disable all interfaces 1 Fixed
321211Onboard BGE can autonegotiate flowcontrol incorrectly (can affect VIF with Cisco) 3 Fixed
140355Filer panics while accessing nfsv4 state information 2 Fixed
307544SNMP GETBULK requests panic the storage system 2 Fixed
252407Disallow renaming of volumes belonging to DR back up and migrating vfiler 3 Fixed
332681SnapVault updates fail after SnapVault turned off while SnapVault snapshot copy creation is in progress 2 Fixed
273781Incremental dump of a volume having QSM destination fails when QSM transfer is on. 2 Fixed
199689NFSv4 ACL inheritance can cause problems with deleting contents in sub directories 3 Fixed
290675Panic in export code if NIS is specified twice 2 Fixed
338783No notification during failure of scheduled snapshots 3 Fixed
331273Vfiler marked as inconsistent. 1 Fixed
80758Deleting and Renaming qtrees 5 Fixed
233057FilerView shows OutOfMemory error while accessing Qtree->Manage page. 3 Fixed
288641FilerView reports 'No Spare Disks Available' when there actually are 3 Fixed
343387Audit logging of intensive administrative commands uses 100% of CPU 2 Fixed
298602In ONTAP 7.3 quota-list-entries API response contains multiple results tag with one of the results indicating an error 3 Fixed
365381Race between vfiler commands panics the filer 2 Fixed
144229FilerView options field in /etc/exports does not wrap 4 Fixed
324345BMC does not send an AutoSupport message if the IP address of the mailhost has a "0" value in the 3rd octet. 3 Fixed
298877Snapvault softlocks are deleted when aggregate goes offline or failed 3 Fixed
76361SnapVault option "tries=0" still attempts transfers 4 Fixed
325071Clone is supported only on dense platforms. 3 Fixed
339956The NetApp Performance Acceleration Module when installed on a system with Flex/Lun/SIS clones can cause a NetApp Storage Controller to Panic. 2 Fixed
312607"cf takeover \-n" command is being aborted by \^C even though none was entered. 2 Fixed
182342Filer uses partner SSL certificate during and after takeover 2 Fixed
336944Aggregate or traditional volume can still be marked "inconsistent" after iron optional commit completes 2 Fixed
195499Must delete inconsistent volume after upgrade 1 Fixed
348577Detected data CRC error on PAM-I causes FlexScale to be disabled. 2 Fixed
216392FPolicy does not allow creation of policies with special characters(except underscore and hyphen). 4 Fixed
164329Aggregate shows more space used than the total of the flexible volumes sizes 2 Fixed
154290Problem when IP address is used for vif partnering. 3 Fixed
332630Disk removal and inserts in quick succession may lead to a panic 2 Fixed
226016Not able to see the list of connected Initiators when user wants to add initiators to an initiator group in FilerView 3 Fixed
280581While booting a filer with Data Ontap 7.3 RC, several registry related snapmirror/snapvault error messages might be seen. 3 Fixed
348122Configuring FPolicy to block file-open operation in native file blocking mode causes directory-open operation to also get blocked. 2 Fixed
289686Network Driver Locality Change Yielding Increase in Performance Throughput 3 Fixed
250323FlexVols on nearly-full or fragmented RAID groups may cause a panic during write-allocation 3 Fixed
225828Domain admin password remains in registry in clear text when Cifs setup is run through FilerView. 3 Fixed
189568Filer panics on some random vfiler related operations if vfiler demo/eval license has expired. 2 Fixed
327361Data ONTAP software panics when an alternate data stream is opened in truncate mode and non-zero allocation size is specified 2 Fixed
337578CIFS cannot initialize AD/LDAP service using DNS when domain has too many Domain Controllers 2 Fixed
264708zapi "portset-list-info" panics controller after removing target port from system 2 Fixed
233027Filer might panic after snapshot creation when there is a random overwrite workload on the volume 2 Fixed
235111If ldap with SSL is configured on the filer, filer does not failover to the secondary ldap server if the ldap service on the primary server is down. 3 Fixed
171071Quota processing during giveback 2 Fixed
283553In some cases the filer might panic if accessed by NDMP 2 Fixed
254355When fpolicy is used to screen NFS operations, the filer panics while processing a NFS v2/v3/v4 request 2 Fixed
2255620b/88/fe errors reported while downloading DS14Mk2-AT Disk Shelf firmware for AT-FCX I/O Modules 3 Fixed
335000Running Single File Snap Restore while sis undo running on a deduped volume may result in file system inconsistency" 1 Fixed
318279Repeated UNDERRUNS on SATA drives lead to multi-disk panic 2 Fixed
270939The autodelete trigger space_reserve policy does not work as documented. 3 Fixed
322818Volume SnapMirror source can report transient WAFL context errors. 1 Fixed
280634SNMP qtreeTable inconsistency causing reporting problems using OM/DFM 2 Fixed
340411SFSR of lun in non-default vfiler will hang 3 Fixed
315750Volumes > Quotas > Edit Rules page of FilerView doesn't display quota limits 3 Fixed
202390Mismatched nodenames in single_image cfmode 2 Fixed
320985Storage System becomes unresponsive when API file-list-directory-iter-start is invoked multiple times 2 Fixed
323146Erroneous Ethernet controller reset can cause network traffic disruption 2 Fixed
318190On memory stressed system running sis may panic the filer 2 Fixed
323489Giveback is hung due to long running snap list command 2 Fixed
219611WAFL hung because CP got very less time to run after directory convert completed. 2 Fixed
298486Creation of SnapVault snapshot copies in deduplication enabled volume on a vFiler, other than the vFiler owning the volume, may cause data inconsistency 1 Fixed
359950SnapVault or QSM replication of large empty/sparse LUN clones backed by empty/sparse LUNs could cause the source storage system to panic 2 Fixed
226694Exception thrown in Aggregate Add Wizard occassionally 3 Fixed
251628Change out secureadmin keys without requiring a reboot 5 Fixed
263511snapvault status command deletes the restart checkpoints 3 Fixed
320941overflow of an internal quota-statistics counter causing a divide-by-zero exception 2 Fixed
341277zapi "snapshot-restore-file" returns pass even though the operation failed. 3 Fixed
237841Phase 1 of incremental backup slows down on volumes with large number of inodes 2 Fixed
325284Mishandling cluster interconnect error 2 Fixed
306524FAS Dedupe Fingerprint file upgrade from Data ONTAP 7.2 to Data ONTAP 7.3 hangs 2 Fixed
228367Cannot delete "uninitialized" SnapVault relationship when secondary volume is full 3 Fixed
300332Long running snap commands cause interruption during CFO 2 Fixed
243203Appliance panics when it receives a malformed IKE message 2 Fixed
324514Single mode vif on top of multi-mode/lacp vifs (connected to two different switches) goes down automatically. 3 Fixed
308811After a cluster failover on disaster, the online/offline state of the partner's LUN(s) should be determined based on the value of the cf.takeover.change_fsid option. 2 Fixed
320844sysconfig output for NVRAM is not correctly formatted on FAS31x0 systems 2 Fixed
361412Limit max number of vfilers on FAS2040 platform to 16. 3 Fixed
311647A race condition causes filer to panic. 2 Fixed
289311"option lun.partner_unreachable.default-partner.behavior: Value must be 'drop', 'error', or 'start'" message is displayed periodically 3 Fixed
234826Unable to resize volumes in FilerView on 7.0.5P6 2 Fixed
179830Wrong console message about the the number of disks in the root aggregate or volume 4 Fixed
349265Panic when creating volume clone due to stack overflow 2 Fixed
270461Combined use of reallocate start \-o and \-i gives order dependent results 3 Fixed
352739ONTAP may reset a target HBA port repeatedly in an attempt to recover a faulty adapter. 3 Fixed
325072NearStore license is not mandatory on the destination system of a volume SnapMirror relationship 3 Fixed
111383SnapVault updates fail after reconfiguration 2 Fixed
334534Issuing clone stop while clone operation is about to finish can leave clone in stopping state 3 Fixed
322009Performance degrades when DataFabric Manager or FilerView is used to monitor performance 2 Fixed
272015If one Power Supply is removed before booting DataOntap the missing PSU will not be reported. 3 Fixed
169033Auditlog is flooded with ZAPID_Pool and http_protocol debug events 3 Fixed
327091Memory leak due to non-freeing of file desriptors and LDAP structures 2 Fixed
293631Dedupe operations continue to serialize when the memory pressure is off 3 Fixed
331911Panic in lun-list-info zapi on a unmounting volume. 2 Fixed
363701WAFL file system verification could be stalled on low memory condition. 1 Fixed
201847FAS6XXX fails to boot when more than 8 FCP target adapters are installed 1 Fixed
270661Aggregate reallocation scan may cause panic on aggregates containing multiple volumes 2 Fixed
349449False shelf count messages on sanown or fabric attached storage controllers" 3 Fixed
365712WAFL scans may fail to preload WAFL buffers on FAS960 and FAS980 2 Fixed
349921FP_ScreenCompletion RPC returns incorrect return value 3 Fixed
130626Disk errors can cause interconnect errors in filer Metrocluster 3 Fixed
342593Race condition between cleanup threads in FPolicy engine causes filer to hang 2 Fixed
331749Filer can panic on mounted trad volume with double degrade raid group, when WAFL tries to load an active map block which has got media error while Wafliron running. 1 Fixed
265223Laser won't shut-off on Qlogic 23xx (X1028A/X1033A) HBAs on panic 3 Fixed
28577015K5 fails to login as FCP device to Fabric Metrocluster. 2 Fixed
214761Misleading message appears when new-snapshot FlexClone is created 4 Fixed
347933Memory leakage when RPC disconnect occurs to Fpolicy server using SMB Signing 2 Fixed
309117Outputs of sis-status and volume-list-info ONTAP APIs are different from documented format. 3 Fixed
269428Invalid inode atimes reported when running WAFL_check or IRON 1 Fixed
252435FlexShare and disk-limited ATA systems 3 Fixed
247494A race condition with in WAFL can result in 100% CPU utilization 2 Fixed
239048NFSv4 server not incrementing the seq id in case of EISDIR error 2 Fixed
321015WAFL hung under low memory conditions 1 Fixed
292184Bug information not available 2 Fixed
274028Issuing snapmirror status or snapvault status will result in losing the status information in the database if issued on an offlined or restricted volume. 3 Fixed
320761Volume reallocation may not terminate on dense volumes 3 Fixed
147279Vfiler disaster recovery and vfiler migration must use secure communication between the source and destination filer 5 Fixed
81665smi2smir shows fatal errors when processing SNMP mib tables, including netapp.mib 3 Fixed
320946WAFL readahead race condition can cause panic 2 Fixed
235428Incorrect string format can cause strcpy() and strcat() to fail. 2 Fixed
139826NFS4ERR_BAD_SEQID returned by filer 3 Fixed
327186Filerview allows an inconsistent aggregate to be brought online without warning 2 Fixed
80268Certain Quota Table values in the SNMP MIB may appear as negative numbers. 3 Fixed
313018quota-add-entry API fails for a vfiler whose root storage is a qtree. 3 Fixed
242408Multiple initiator ports per storage subsystem target port can cause a V-Series system panic on LUN assign 2 Fixed
254152CPU hang panic during large file truncation 2 Fixed
317205LockVault logs can be written to a wrong volume after the 'aggr copy' operation on aggregate of the LockVault log volume 3 Fixed
240871AT-FCX watchdog timeout leads to controller reboot and can cause multiple disks reconstruction. 3 Fixed
343158Error in API output schema validation 3 Fixed
322667Failure to release resources causes out of memory panics 2 Fixed
366114Leak in the Network Lock Manager code 3 Fixed
337084Error while downloading Data ONTAP 8.0 release on FAS system that has SnapLock volumes 3 Fixed
276821NFSv4 server incorrectly sending resource errors to clients 3 Fixed
61984Giveback process is hung when a remote tape is used by a dump or restore operation. 2 Fixed
150140NVRAM4: NetCache/Filer occasionally reporting "not charging properly" 3 Fixed
356626The block reclamation scanner found a buffer in an unexpected state(disk locked) while trying to reclaim the block. 2 Fixed
263837In a specific situation, quota user mapping followed by running 'quota resize' may lead to a filer panic 2 Fixed
296874IP address deletion causes routing table and DDNS issues. 3 Fixed
335404Requesting size of 16TB for non-space reserved luns causes an error 3 Fixed
286454Data ONTAP HTTP/WebDAV server does not escape some characters like '&' in filenames/directorynames in response that confuses HTTP/WebDAV client 3 Fixed
290200ONTAP is erroneously rejecting NFSv4 mounts from RHEL 4 Clients 2 Fixed
299971Filer can hang during revert when simultaneously growing a volume. 2 Fixed
353403Assignment of more than 500 disks to a filer at one time using the 'disk assign' or 'disk reassign' commands may result in a panic 2 Fixed
108546Request for ONTAP to warn when "vol lang" changes on volumes containing Snapvault destinations or Qtree SnapMirror destinations 5 Fixed
324186Use of iterative APIs may trigger divide by zero interrupt 2 Fixed
180141Managing snapshots via FilerView displays 'Out of memory' error 3 Fixed
86593giveback should not immediately fail if vfiler command is running, instead it should fail after waiting for sometime for the vfiler command to complete. 2 Fixed
321475RLM status stays in "rebooting" state after firmware update 3 Fixed
342939SNMP settings like location and trap hosts information are not retained upon a reboot. 2 Fixed
169514HTTPS: Netcache runs out of memory and panics with a process hung message 2 Fixed
242749NFSv4 lease time is reduced from 45 secs to 30 secs. 3 Fixed
3094042Gb Fibre Channel target port became non-responsive 3 Fixed
297371Freeing a LUN's data structures while initializing 2 Fixed
176605incorrect header length in NFSv4 RPC data handled incorrectly 2 Fixed
225733CVE investigation: OpenSSH fails to properly handle multiple identical blocks in a SSH packet. 3 Fixed
344927Multiple 'snap list' commands on the same volume could result in a "timeout table full" panic 2 Fixed
350120Full file cloning on a directory(or volume's root) with ACL, and sub-file cloning on a file with ACL can trigger a panic loop 2 Fixed
212996No error is displayed when a non-existing snapshot is specified for 'snapvault abort \-s' command 4 Fixed
285893NLM causes deadlock 2 Fixed
320524Existence of a race condition in NFS Reply Cache code when dealing with NFSv4 buffers. 2 Fixed
215560SSH access stopped responding after receiving a bad packet. 2 Fixed
347965Memory error reporting for PAM-I is causing unnecessary angst. 2 Fixed
282737On ONTAP 7.2.4, FilerView displays Snapmirror information for snapmirror relations having common destination incorrectly 3 Fixed
324915mp race condition may lead to panic during consistency point 1 Fixed
153710Incomplete resetting of client state caused a panic. 2 Fixed
232479RFE: Allow selective enable of FlexShare components 3 Fixed
313882FAS Deduplication configuration file is deleted incorrectly by "sis undo \-t or \-t \-d or \-i" operation resulting in an error message reported by all future dedupe operations on the same volume. 3 Fixed
307856sis stop takes a long time to stop during Saving phase 3 Fixed
180203ASIS replaces SnapVault secondary base snapshot without any notification to NDMP clients 2 Fixed
133386Problems when non-ascii names are used in NFSv4 with non-UTF8 volumes 2 Fixed
259441qtree rename and delete commands with "%" character in qtree name can cause a panic. 3 Fixed
337511VIF interfaces with 'rr' option will not get created, after upgrade to 7.3.1 2 Fixed
342917User defined SNMP trap edge values are not persistent across reboots 3 Fixed
314317Cluster failover with un-symmetric configuration of vfilers on non-default ipspace may not work properly 3 Fixed
332047IPv6 enabled controller panics on giveback when a large number of vlans are configured 2 Fixed
317486Unsafe change of multiprocessing domain by ONTAPI buffer-copy function may cause panic or data inconsistency 1 Fixed
176157Wafliron mount phase can generate lots of data and can cause filer to hang. 1 Fixed
315389Missing partner LUNs after takeover 2 Fixed
344053possible failure of NVlog replay during reboot after interruption on FAS20x0 appliances 1 Fixed
308043Dedupe Space Savings could decrease for volumes with greater than 13 TB of data. 2 Fixed
326951Slow SFSR on dense volumes 3 Fixed
254020Invalid console message regarding ssh.idle.timeout option 2 Fixed
287105SIS operation may lead the filer to panic while eliminating duplicate blocks. 2 Fixed
320999Problem in removing forced reallocate scans 3 Fixed
159180Misleading text on 'Add access control entry form' of CIFS shares. 4 Fixed
347157Major release non-disruptive upgrade should not lead to "Takeover Impossible" autosupport 3 Fixed
335966Doing "sis on" on a normal (un-deduped) volume while lun clone split is in progress on the volume may lead to data corruption with "clone" command. 1 Fixed
200407Panic message "No snap map in snapshot" does not identify the volume. 2 Fixed
239834Vfiler dr activate/resync edits vfiler exports file 3 Fixed
321566EMS warning "wafl.maxdirsize.boot.notice:warning" for aggregates 3 Fixed
233582Secondary paths to new LUNs may not show up during initial LUN scan 2 Fixed
295386FilerView inserts "xxx" for mediatype in /etc/rc file 3 Fixed
249949Destination LUN serial number changes after a VSM update 3 Fixed
356449Disk assign failing: Cannot exceed XXX disks on this system 3 Fixed
216702Man page for secureadmin command does not state the non-availability of interactive ssh shell in vfiler. 4 Fixed
294922Remove stale LUN entries from the LUN database more quickly 2 Fixed
245168Option for setting nfsv4 lease time. 3 Fixed
311121Each array target port can only be zoned to ONE initiator per V-Series Controller 2 Fixed
324326Using FlexShare Cache control and Volume unmount/destroy 2 Fixed
246297Recovery of WAFL Flexvol metafile via wafliron is not optimal 1 Fixed
227932Processing of SnapVault NDMP error conditions can leak memory 3 Fixed
337168Huge performance drop of TCP due to a race condition 2 Fixed
323134Memory leak when LACP VIF is used. 2 Fixed
240579Data ONTAP may panic when APIs take too long when processing a large number of objects. 2 Fixed
312356Incremental dumps of qsm destination can cause a panic 2 Fixed
256989Network-number-of-domains (nwk_ndomains) boot argument not working properly 3 Fixed
324868Truncation errors in volume-autosize-get ZAPI 3 Fixed
224449Incorrect NotMultiPath warnings with loops containing both ESH & ESH2 3 Fixed
270603Scalability issue in NFSv4 delegations search and cleanup 2 Fixed
344699A failed Snapvault/QSM update can leave stale VTOC entries which can cause system to panic in subsequent QSM update. 2 Fixed
311266WAFL_check \-prev_cp command panics because of a corrupted block number in the volume info structure 1 Fixed
349531wafliron may encounter a disruption on certain snapmap inconsistencies. 1 Fixed
275477Filer may panic while processing an NSM event 2 Fixed
260047Slow read performance of files with NT ACLs on MP systems 3 Fixed
318967After a vfiler config change, an SSH session may induce a panic 2 Fixed
261101vfiler0 can delete content of a qtree owned by a different vfiler 3 Fixed
231522Filer panics if '%' appears in the vfiler name while creating or renaming a vfiler 2 Fixed
261882No autodelete or autosize information in ASUP 3 Fixed
322274Shrinking a file can confound a file-folding scan 2 Fixed
250157"fcp nodename WWN" unsupported in takeover mode 3 Fixed
301665No support for viewing DDNS status of an interface. 3 Fixed
252443"No volume named 'xxx' was found" console messages during "vol create" 3 Fixed
167557Wack retains no root volume, if there are multiple. 3 Fixed
207009Unable to initialize qtree snapMirror if qtree has an ampersand (&) in name 4 Fixed
365188wafliron will not correctly fix reference count corruption when there is I/O on deduplicated volume 1 Fixed
148254-nosuid export option does not work for NFSv4   Fixed
192120Limit on the size of DN for OU when creating filer's computer account. 3 Fixed
339899Attempting to stop an OSSV destination qtree can fail with error "The stop operation is not allowed on snapvault restore qtree" and attempting to run "abort \-h" may break the qtree. 3 Fixed
256721Quota report warning icon remains even after warning is dealt with 4 Fixed
359897Race condition in buffer cache accounting lead to CP hang. 2 Fixed

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