General Mercurial (aka hg) Info

Mercurial Guide

Acquiring an Account

HG uses crowd credentials, to get an account go to the CRBS Account Request Page. Ensure you check the HG box as a resource you need access too.

Browsing HG

To view what files are on HG, goto

Creating new HG modules

Developers: Put in a ticket requesting a new module.
SysOPS: As root on mercurial server, run

cd /var/HGROOT
hg init <reponame>
chown -R apache:apache <reponame>

Reconfigure puppet/trunk/puppet/modules/p_crbs/files/vhost-mercurial.conf
Add the following:

<Location /<reponame>>
 Require group <crowd-group1> <crowd-group2>
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