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Virtual environments that will be down:


CRBS Entries

bike                 IN A
camera-dev-portal    IN A
ccdb-dev-portal      IN A
chump                IN A
crbs-dev-atlassian   IN A
crbs-dev-central     IN A
crbs-dev-samba       IN A
crockett             IN A
dev-74               IN A
dev-96               IN A
dev-97               IN A
dev-99               IN A
dev-100              IN A
dev-106              IN A
dev-107              IN A
dev-108              IN A
dev-109              IN A
dev-119              IN A
dev-163              IN A
dev-164              IN A
dev-165              IN A
dev-166              IN A
dev-167              IN A
dev-168              IN A
dev-169              IN A
dev-170              IN A
dev-171              IN A
dev-172              IN A
dev-173              IN A
dev-174              IN A
dev-175              IN A
dev-179              IN A
dev-180              IN A
dev-184              IN A
dev-185              IN A
dev-225              IN A
dev-226              IN A
dev-232              IN A
dev-233              IN A
dev-234              IN A
dev-235              IN A
dev-240              IN A
dev-241              IN A
dev-242              IN A
dev-243              IN A
dev-244              IN A
dev-245              IN A
dev-246              IN A
dev-248              IN A
dev-249              IN A
dev-250              IN A
dev-251              IN A
dev-252              IN A
dev-253              IN A
dev-arcims           IN A
dev-ct               IN A
dev-ldap             IN A
docushare            IN A
dspace               IN A
eight                IN A
fugazi               IN A
mcu                  IN A
mgc                  IN A
mysql5-stage         IN A
ncmir-gpop           IN A
ncmir-gcomp          IN A
ncmir-nettools       IN A
nihpd-stage          IN A
noc-buddy            IN A
puppet-roll-test     IN A
satr-dev-portal      IN A
singular             IN A
stage-00             IN A
stage-01             IN A
stage-02             IN A
stage-03             IN A
stage-04             IN A
stage-05             IN A
stage-06             IN A
stage-07             IN A
stage-08             IN A
stage-09             IN A
test-131             IN A
test-132             IN A
test-133             IN A
test-134             IN A
test-135             IN A
vm-dev-0             IN A
vm-dev-1             IN A
vm-dev-2             IN A
vm-dev-3             IN A
;vm-dev-6             IN A
vm-dev-7             IN A
vm-dev-8             IN A
vm-dev-9             IN A
wonderland-dev       IN A
yum-dev              IN A
zoinks               IN A
ldap-repl            IN A
kilauea              IN A
jawbreaker           IN A
mirage               IN A
d1                   IN A
pm                   IN A
flag                 IN A
gelfand              IN A
jeckyl               IN A
bwctl-001            IN A
bwctl-008            IN A
fmri-gpop            IN A
fmri-nettools        IN A
fmri-gcomp           IN A
ccdb-dev-gpop        IN A
ccdb-dev-mcat        IN A
dev-sudoers          IN A
vm-dev-6             IN A
yukon-dev            IN A
dolphin              IN A
lobster              IN A
ghost                IN A
nine                 IN A
dev-samba            IN A
kth-rit-gpop         IN A
kth-rit-gcomp        IN A
kth-rit-vm1          IN A
kth-rit-vm2          IN A
bo                   IN A

NBIRN entries

stage-host              IN    A
central-stage  300      IN    A
central-dev             IN    A
yum-dev                 IN    A
bcc-dev-nitrc           IN    A
bcc-shack-vpn           IN    A
neuroterrain            IN    A
smartatlas-dev          IN    A
bdr-dev-portal          IN    A
mgc                     IN    A
babel                   IN    A
fidelity-dev-portal     IN    A
ccdb-dev-gama2          IN    A
ccdb-dev-portal         IN    A
ccdb-dev-gpop           IN    A
ccdb-dev-mcathost       IN    A
bdr-stage-mcat          IN    A
bdr-stage-mcatdb        IN    A
bcc-stage-00            IN    A
bcc-stage-01            IN    A
bcc-stage-02    IN            A
bcc-stage-03    IN            A
ncmir-stage-0-3 IN            A
bcc-stage-04    IN            A
bcc-stage-mediator      IN    A
bcc-stage-05    IN            A
bcc-stage-06    IN            A
bcc-stage-mcat  IN            A
bcc-stage-07    IN            A
bcc-stage-gama  IN            A
ncmir-stage-0-4 IN            A
ncmir-stage-0-5 IN            A
ncmir-stage-0-6 IN            A
ncmir-stage-0-8 IN            A
ncmir-stage-0-9 IN            A
bcc-stage-gcomp   IN          A
bcc-stage-nas   IN            A
bcc-dev-96      IN            A
bcc-dev-97      IN            A
bcc-dev-99      IN            A
bcc-dev-106     IN            A
bcc-dev-107     IN            A
bcc-dev-108     IN            A
bcc-dev-109     IN            A
bcc-dev-100     IN            A
bcc-dev-163     IN            A
bcc-dev-gama    IN            A
bcc-dev-164     IN            A
bcc-dev-165     IN            A
bcc-dev-166     IN            A
bcc-dev-167     IN            A
bcc-dev-168     IN            A
bcc-dev-170     IN            A
bcc-dev-171     IN            A
bcc-dev-172     IN            A
bcc-dev-173     IN            A
bcc-dev-174     IN            A
bcc-dev-ldap    IN            A
bcc-dev-175     IN            A
xnat-dev        IN            A
hid-dev         IN            A
bcc-dev-250     IN            A
ncmir-stage-vpn IN            A
bcc-dev-241     IN            A
bcc-dev-mediator        IN    A
bcc-dev-242     IN            A
bcc-dev-db      IN            A
bcc-dev-243     IN              A
bcc-rac1        IN              A
bcc-dev-244     IN              A
bcc-rac2        IN              A
bcc-dev-0-5     IN              A
bcc-dev-0-6     IN              A
bcc-dev-0-8     IN              A
bcc-dev-0-9     IN              A
bcc-dev-0-10    IN              A
bcc-dev-0-11    IN              A
bcc-dev-0-12    IN              A
bcc-dev-0-13    IN              A
namic-srb       IN              A
bcc-dev-1-0     IN              A
bcc-dev-1-1     IN              A
bcc-dev-241     IN              A
bcc-dev-180     IN              A
irodsdemo      IN             A
bcc-dev-gcomp   IN            A
bcc-dev-nas   IN              A
bcc-dev-235    IN             A
bcc-dev-234    IN             A
xwiki-dev      IN             A
bcc-dev-central50-64 IN         A
bcc-dev-central50-32 IN         A
bcc-dev-central IN              A
docushare       IN              A
ontoimg        IN               A
ncmir-stage-web   IN          A
ncmir-dev-web     IN          A
3dem-dev-web      IN          A
4icet-dev-web     IN          A
c5d-dev-web       IN          A
em-outreach-dev-web  IN       A
bcc-dev-240       IN          A
bcc-dev-web       IN          A
crbs-dev-web      IN          A
ccdb-dev-web      IN          A
ccdb-stage-web      IN          A
bcc-stage-web       IN          A
crbs-stage-web      IN          A



3dem-dev-web         IN CNAME    dev-240
4icet-dev-web        IN CNAME    dev-240
babel                IN CNAME    mgc
babel-web            IN CNAME    mgc
bamboo               IN CNAME    clash
bcc-portal           IN CNAME    birn-portal
bdr-stage-mcat       IN CNAME    stage-06
birn-mcat            IN CNAME    mcat-virtual
blackflag            IN CNAME    dev-108
blog-sandbox         IN CNAME    dev-240
branfman-dev-portal  IN CNAME    test-134
c5d-dev-web          IN CNAME    dev-240
ccdb-dev-web         IN CNAME    dev-240
ccdb-dev-icat        IN CNAME    fugazi
ccdb-dev-icatdb      IN CNAME    dev-db
ccdb-dev-mcatdb      IN CNAME    dev-232
ccdb-dev-imcatdb     IN CNAME    dev-db
ccdb-stage-icat      IN CNAME    crockett
ccdb-stage-icatdb    IN CNAME    dev-184
ccdb-stage-mcatdb    IN CNAME    dev-184
ccdb-stage-imcatdb   IN CNAME    dev-184

ccdb-gpop            IN CNAME    ccdb-srb
central              IN CNAME    dev-central

crbs-dev-ct          IN CNAME    dev-ct
crbs-dev-icat        IN CNAME    fugazi
crbs-dev-icatdb      IN CNAME    dev-db
crbs-dev-imcatdb     IN CNAME    dev-232
crbs-stage-icat      IN CNAME    crockett
crbs-stage-icatdb    IN CNAME    dev-184
crbs-stage-mcatdb    IN CNAME    dev-184
crbs-stage-imcatdb   IN CNAME    dev-184
crbs-dev-xwiki       IN CNAME    dev-233
crbs-dev-vdir        IN CNAME    dev-175
crbs-dev-web         IN CNAME    dev-240
crbs-stage-web       IN CNAME    dev-240

cobbler              IN CNAME    kelborn

mc5                  IN CNAME    dev-167
dev-bamboo           IN CNAME    jawbreaker
dev-central          IN CNAME    dev-185
dev-central50-64     IN CNAME    dev-185
dev-central50-32     IN CNAME    dev-185
dev-crucible         IN CNAME    molepeople
dev-db               IN CNAME    dev-242
dev-fisheye          IN CNAME    molepeople

dev-openid           IN CNAME    crbs-dev-atlassian
dev-overdetermined   IN CNAME    dev-confluence
dev-portal           IN CNAME    dev-169
dev-puppet           IN CNAME    dev-central
dev-support          IN CNAME    crbs-dev-atlassian
dev-web              IN CNAME    dev-240
dev-wiki             IN CNAME    dev-confluence
em-outreach-dev-web  IN CNAME    dev-240
incf-dev-mapserver   IN CNAME    dev-74
irodsdemo            IN CNAME    dev-119

jira-test            IN CNAME    dev-119

medwebservices       IN CNAME    mediator-web

nif-dev-web          IN CNAME    dev-240
ncmir-dev-web        IN CNAME    dev-240

prod-gridsphere      IN CNAME    portal
prod-portal          IN CNAME    portal

web-sandbox          IN CNAME    dev-240

stage-gama           IN CNAME    stage-07
stage-gcomp          IN CNAME    stage-01
stage-gpop           IN CNAME    stage-00
bcc-stage-mcat       IN CNAME    stage-mcat
stage-mcat           IN CNAME    stage-06
bcc-stage-mcatdb     IN CNAME    stage-mcatdb
stage-mcatdb         IN CNAME    stage-05
stage-mediator       IN CNAME    stage-04
stage-nas            IN CNAME    stage-02
stage-portal         IN CNAME    stage-03
stage-samba          IN CNAME    stage-ldap
stage-web            IN CNAME    dev-240
stanford-satr-portal IN CNAME    satr-portal
stanford-satr-samba  IN CNAME    stanford-satr-nas

suppository          IN CNAME    nas1
test-01              IN CNAME    test-131
test-02              IN CNAME    test-132
test-03              IN CNAME    test-133
test-04              IN CNAME    test-134
test-05              IN CNAME    test-135

ucsd-bcc-gpop        IN CNAME    bcc-gpop
ucsd-ccdb-gpop       IN CNAME    ccdb-srb
ucsd-ncmir-gpop      IN CNAME    ncmir-gpop
vm-hosts             IN CNAME    dev-240

xwiki-dev            IN CNAME    dev-233
dev-mapserver        IN CNAME    dev-arcims
nihpd                IN CNAME    brattain
subversion           IN CNAME    sitak
svn                  IN CNAME    sitak
dev-atlassian        IN CNAME    jawbreaker
dev-crowd            IN CNAME    jawbreaker
dev-confluence       IN CNAME    jawbreaker
dev-jira             IN CNAME    jawbreaker
nih-ndar-dev-gpop    IN CNAME    nih-cit-dev-gpop
nih-ndar-gpop        IN CNAME    nih-cit-gpop
nih-ndar-stage-gpop  IN CNAME    nih-cit-stage-gpop
nih-cit-mcat         IN CNAME    nih-cit-mcathost
nih-cit-mcatdb       IN CNAME    nih-cit-mcathost
nih-cit-demo-mcatdb  IN CNAME    nih-cit-ds-mcatdb
nih-cit-stage-mcatdb IN CNAME    nih-cit-ds-mcatdb

ucsd-bdr-gpop        IN CNAME    bdr-gpop
crbs-dev-mcat        IN CNAME    ccdb-dev-mcat
ccdb-stage-mcat      IN CNAME    stage-06
crbs-stage-mcat      IN CNAME    stage-06
dev-liferay          IN CNAME    dev-179
ccdbdevirods         IN CNAME    fugazi
crbsdevirods         IN CNAME    fugazi
ccdbstageirods       IN CNAME    crockett
crbsstageirods       IN CNAME    crockett

jira-dev             IN CNAME
support-dev          IN CNAME
seabass              IN CNAME   dev-107
kearsarge            IN CNAME   dev-234
yum                  IN CNAME
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