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Getting Access to Triton

To get an account, you need to join the triton-discuss mailing list, and post a request, including your UCSD Active Directory username, if known. They'll set up a login account for you using the same username and password, and then you'll be able to log in using SSH.

Main Triton Resource page:

Instructions on how to gain access:

Page where you can join the mailing lists:

Example of login to Triton via

\[enegado@fireburner \~\]$ ssh
Enter passphrase for key '/home/enegado/.ssh/id_rsa':
Last login: Tue Aug 11 12:48:09 2009 from
Triton Resource Login Node
Rocks 5.1 (V.I)
Profile built 11:32 03-Aug-2009
Kickstarted 04:43 03-Aug-2009
\[enegado@login-4-0 \~\]$ pwd

How NCMIR users, groups and software is setup on Triton

Each of our NCMIR Triton users is in the crbs-group on Triton.

Jim Hayes is going to set up some "group space" for our crbs-group on Triton. This is where we should install any and all software we plan to use for processing NCMIR data.

Each user should login on Triton using their own individual username and use the software from the group software area to process their data.

To verify that you are in the crbs-group, run 'id'.

To verify that you have time allocated to you on Triton, run 'gbalance -u <username>'.

To {+}get a report on who has used how many SUs on Triton, run '*gstatement -u <username> -p <project>'.

An example of these commands follows:

Triton Resource Login Node

[vrowley@login-4-40 ~]$ id
uid=30538(vrowley) gid=30538(vrowley) groups=30538(vrowley),40518(crbs-group)

[vrowley@login-4-40 ~]$ gbalance -u vrowley
Id  Name    Amount Reserved Balance CreditLimit Available
--- ------- ------ -------- ------- ----------- ---------
135 vrowley   1000        0    1000           0      1000
[vrowley@login-4-40 ~]$