Forwarding NCMIR E-mail to an External E-mail Account

Submit a JIRA Ticket

Submit a JIRA Ticket assigned to Vicky Rowley.

Be sure to include:

  • Your current NCMIR e-mail address. (
  • The e-mail address you would like your NCMIR e-mail to be forwarded to. (
  • Whether or not you would like to have a copy of your mail saved on the NCMIR server. (recommended)

Setup a Mail ".forward" File on the Mail Server

SSH into the NCMIR Mail Server


Create a file called ".forward" in your home directory

vi .forward

If you would like a copy of your e-mail saved on the NCMIR mail servers (recommended), use the exact following syntax:


If you would not like a copy of your e-mail to be saved on the NCMIR mail servers, use the following syntax:

Save the file and quit vi.

ESC :wq

Change the permission of the file

chmod 0664 .forward

Exit out of SSH. That's it!
Send a test message to your NCMIR e-mail address to verify the changes.

Create a procmail filter

To forward e-mail,
create a .procmailrc file in the users home directory.

DEFAULT=/export/mail/username/   (make sure the trailing slash is here to specify maildir)

#  Anything from domain will go in .gmail folder
\* ^From:.*

#  Anything you get is received normally and *also* forwarded to address@other.domain - the 'c' in ':0c' makes it keep a copy
:0c :
! address@other.domain

#rule for forwarding mail with "Warning" in the subject to another address 'c' means keep a copy, message is then auto-filed into Projects.SysOps.Alerts
# dopushmail is	for turning email into a pager type alert on an	iPhone
* ^Subject:(.*)Warning(.*)
   ! <username>