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To setup the Windows firewall that only allow certain subnet or ip to access the computer.

For Windows 7 (Single Program)

  • Go to the control panel -> firewall. On the left panel, there is a Advanced settings.

  • Go to the Inbound rule and find the program you want to limit the connection. And double click it. For example, Remote Desktop Connection.

  • Go to the scope tab -> Remote IP addresses -> Add...

  • Type in the IP or subnet that you want to allow.

  • Then click OK. It should look something like this. And if you want to have more than one IP or subnet. You can go back to Step3 and add more IP or subnet.


For Windows 7 (All Program)
  • When you are in the advanced setting. On the right panel, there is a New Rule...
  • Follow through the setup wizard. (Allow the connection -> Program -> All programs -> Click the Domain, Private, and Public -> Name "All Program")
  • Then go back to the Single Program method on the top. And find the All Program and the setup is the same.


For Windows 7 (All Program-Command Prompt Method)

Run the Command Prompt as administrator.
  • Copy and Paste the code below. Then hit enter.
netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="CRBS Networks (All Programs and Services)" description="These are the remote networks that the workstation can connect to." dir=in action=allow remoteip=,,,,,,,
  • You should see the OK. 

  • Go back to the advanced settings to make sure it setup correctly.