As of 12:00pm PDT:

  • All systems are powered on
  • website DNS entries are still being restored
  • We expect that everything will be back online and ready for end-user validation at approximately 1:30pm PDT

As of 10:45am PDT:

  • stage.nitrc is up
  • docushare is up
  • mail server is up, mail should start coming in
  • websites are coming back up

As of 10:30am PDT:

Power has been restored as of about 10 AM; FM reported successful completion of their work and have left Atkinson Hall as of ~10:30 AM.
Tad Reynales, Manager
Technology Infrastructure
CALIT2 @ UC San Diego

As of 10:10am PDT:

  • Power has been restored at CalIT2 and we are starting to bring systems back online

As of 9:51 am PDT:

As of 9:43 this morning:

  • Mail to <username> is being delayed
  • Websites are down, but we are attempting to redirect them to a maintenance page
  • All CAMERA resources have been shutdown
  • All CRBS resources hosted at CalIT2 have been shutdown
  • NITRC stage has been shutdown.
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