As of 4:39pm PDT:

  • Power was restored and deemed stable
  • We began bringing systems back online

As of 3:20pm PDT:

  • Most websites have been redirected to a page indicating that we are down for emergency maintenance.
  • The power has been shutdown.

As of 3:00pm PDT:

  • mailserver, email list, docushare and web servers are all down
  • backup storage is down
  • a 10 minute delay has been requested to finish bringing down a few stragglers

As of 2:05pm PDT:

  • We just received word that CalIT2 will have the power shutdown again at 3pm today.  We are scrambling to shutdown equipment and prepare for this unexpected/unplanned event.


FM experienced a problem after the maintenance work this morning and need to shut power down again by around 3 pm.
Please shutdown all equipment ASAP, as necessary.  At this time we don't have an estimate of the window that FM requires.
Tad Reynales, Manager
Technology Infrastructure
CALIT2 @ UC San Diego


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