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Annotation workflow

1.       After logging in CAMERA portal, find your way to the dashboard (try the 'home' tab) and click on the 'analyze data' button.
2.       Once at the workflow page, don't worry about the notice on the top left in orange type about not having any projects; you don't need one.
3.       Click on any of the top 3 workflows (e.g. metagenomic data annotation) in the workflow list. You can read the documentation of the workflow. Then click 'configure parameters and execute'.
4.       In the new window, you will be asked to upload your sequence file ('select sequence'). If you use your own, a multifasta format is required. You should also give a workflow name. If you want to specify parameters, please refer to the documentation.
5.       Click 'submit workflow'.
6.       The 'current jobs' tab will show you when it is done. Please refresh the page.
7.       If the job is done, click on 'results' to download a zip file to your local computer. Unzip it.
8.       In the unzipped output folder, open the file that ends in .TXT; this file contains a very long url that has to be pasted back into Firefox in order to get to your results page.
9.       You can download and view all the annotation results by click each link on that page.

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