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The Following Quick Start Guide details the the Data Submission component of CAMERA 2.0

Provide information

Enter basic information that pertains to your project.

Confirmation page

This page will show you a summary of all your information that you have provided. Please review it and proceed when you are satisfied with the entries. Notice that in some cases a little alert message may pop-up after the project title, this appears only if you have selected a project title that is not unique.

Issuance of tracking number

On this page a CAMERA tracking number will be presented to you as a confirmation that your project has been created. You may reference this when in contact with CAMERA staff regarding any further needs you may have for your submission.

Additional optional information

All fields on this page are optional. This page will allow you to enter a list of any affiliations, investigators and contributors, sponsors, funding sources, and relevant citations. To load each entry under each category, click the 'Add' button. Repeat for additional entries.

Metadata entry

Please enter the metadata that is associated with your sequences. If you have pre-populated the CAMERA Microsoft Excel template, please upload it under the Metadata Upload tab. Once a file upload or a Metadata set has been save successfully, the summary page will be displayed to you.

Sequence upload

Please provide a description of the file(s) to be uploaded, including the sequencing method used and the type of reads contained in the files. Click on 'Add More Files' to load additional files under the same description. Files must be archived or compressed; accepted file types include: tar, tgz, gz, or zip. Please include the FASTA, the quality score files, and specify which sample is associated to the corresponding sequence files. Upon completion, a listing of all the files you currently have uploaded will be displayed at the bottom of the page. If any problems are experienced, or the total file uploads exceed 250MB, please contact CAMERA for additional upload instructions.

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