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Creating a CAMERA Project

1)   Login to the CAMERA 2.0 Portal and click on Data Analysis tab -> Create Project sub-tab

2)   In the Create a New Project form please fill out the following:

a.     Project Name

b.     Public Identifier

c.     Public Description

d.     Private Description

3)   If project is public then, click the check box next to Yes.

4)   Press the Create Project button to complete the process.  Confirmation screen shows up that you have successfully created the new project.

Inviting Portal Users to Your Project

1)   Login to the CAMERA 2.0 Portal and go to Data Analysis tab -> User Projects sub-tab.

2)   Scroll down the page and use the drop-down list to invite other portal users to your project.

3)   The portal sends out the invitation notice via email to the portal user you have invited to your project.

4)   The process of inviting someone to ones projects ends when a confirmation email is received that the membership invitation was accepted.

Accepting Project Membership Invitation

1)   User receives an email notification of a CAMERA 2.0 project membership invitation.

2)   Login to the CAMERA 2.0 Portal and go to Data Analysis tab.  Select the Activities sub-tab if you are not there already.

3)   Click the Accept link under the Action column of the table, which lists your pending project membership invitation(s).

4)   The CAMERA 2.0 portal will notify the project owner/admin via email of membership acceptance 

Requesting Membership to Public/Private Projects

1)   Login to the CAMERA 2.0 Portal and navigate to Data Analysis tab -> All Projects sub-tab.

2)   Find the project from the list and view details of project you want to join.

3)   On the projects list page click on the Request link beside Action: under the My Status column.

4)   Confirmation screen shows up of your intent to join the project.

5)   The portal notifies the project owner/admin of your request to join the project.

Approving CAMERA Project Membership Request

1)   Login to the CAMERA 2.0 portal.  Proceed to Data Analysis tab and click on the User Projects sub-tab if you are not already there.  The left-hand navigation panel lists your projects.

2)   Click on the project link to display the project details, memberships, and activities if it is not already displayed.

3)   Scroll down to the Activities section and click on Invite link to grant the portal user request to join your project.

4)   Confirmation page shows up that you have successfully offered membership to the portal user.

5)   Potential project member gets an invitation via email.         

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